With the new version 8, your calculating web page can fit any screen using responsive design. Design custom themes to give all your calculators the same look. Utilize the Node.js server platform to build server-side calculators.

Now your smart web forms remember all your last entered values no matter how big the form is. Users can even submit web forms while they are offline – we save the forms locally and let the user send them when they get back online.

Create calculating apps for iPhone and Android. With Real-time Sync, two or more people can calculate together from their phones – with all changes automatically synced in real-time.

Version 8 supports Excel 2016, and has the most beautiful design we ever built.

Watch our Introduction to version 8 video!


The Node.js flavor

Node.js is a new flavor introduced in version 8. It lets you hide the formulas in your calculator by running them on a protected server.

It’s very simple to convert spreadsheets to web format and publish them on a Node.js server. You can run Node.js on one of your own servers or select from a wide range of third-party hosting providers. Node.js is supported on all major server operating systems, e.g. Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

It is based on new cutting-edge open source Node.js platform.

Learn more about the Node.js flavor.


Responsive Design

An increasing number of visitors to your website use smartphones and tablets. Your web content must work well with every possible screen size, otherwise some of your visitors may have problems using your calculators and forms.

Version 8 brings a new Responsive Block widget that lets you split your calculator into independent blocks. A simple graphical tool lets you define how the blocks are aligned for every screen size. This lets you provide an optimal user experience to all visitors from a single spreadsheet.

Learn more about responsive design.


Theme Designer

It used to be that every calculator you made with SpreadsheetConverter had the same design. With version 8, that’s no longer true.

The new Theme Designer lets you design custom themes and apply them to one or more of your spreadsheets. It is a free web-based interface with easy-to-use color pickers. No Photoshop or CSS skills required!

Learn more about Theme Designer.


Offline Forms

Before version 8, users could only submit electronic forms when they were online. The new Offline Forms feature stores completed forms in local browser storage. After users come back online,  they can send the saved forms to the server. This opens new possibilities for your data collection solutions.

The contents of the offline forms are safely stored even if users close the browser or turn off their computer or phone. They can save as many forms as there is room for in their device.

Learn more about offline forms.


Reborn widgets

Your old spreadsheet will get a new look when converted with version 8. We have given the widget icons a new, fresh design.

The Widgets tab has a new and smarter grouping.

If you don’t like the color scheme of our widgets you can create your own widget design with the Theme Designer.

We have also made the widgets easier to use on a touchscreen so you can easily interact with them across all devices. New kinds of check box widgets expose greater touch surface. The native date picker is faster and already familiar among your mobile users.

Learn more about the reborn widgets in version 8.


Mobile Redesign

Your mobile calculators now use an updated design with a Side Menu like many native apps. This makes your apps look modern and make them intuitive to work with.

There is a standard confirmation dialog before every primary action to prevent your users from accidental submits or resets.

Learn more about the mobile redesign in version 8.


Real-time Sync in Mobile

Now you can invite a friend to share your weight-loss progress, a colleague to evaluate a calculator, or a prospect to help you estimate the cost of a renovation project – all from your mobile device.

Any number of participants. Any size of form. On any device. We call it Real-time Sync.

Learn more about using real-time sync with mobile apps.


Big Browser Storage

We always save your most recent input values so that they reappear when you open the same form or calculator the next time. Before version 8, this storage space was limited and we could not always save all values from a large form.

In version 8 we use the new Html5 Big Browser Storage to save all your input fields no matter how big the form is. This allows you to create forms as big as you like and still save your users a lot of time by having their most recent input values automatically retained.

Learn more about big browser storage.

Upgrading to version 8

Version 8 has been superseded by more recent versions. Please contact our sales department to upgrade to version 8.

The Flash edition is being phased out. If you have Flash, you can freely select any other flavor when you upgrade to version 8.