Distance and Temperature calculator

When water freezes, Europeans say it’s around zero. Zero degrees Celsius, that is, or “centigrade”. But in the U.S., it’s more common to say 32 degrees Fahrenheit. On a hot day, the San Diego radio talks about it being “in the nineties”. Let’s all be grateful they’re not talking centigrade.

We created a spreadsheet that helps you convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit. We also added conversion between miles and kilometers, another required skill when you cross the Atlantic.

Finally, we help you calculate how far you get if you travel at a certain speed for a certain period.

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Area and Volume calculator

How much water goes in a bucket? How many decks of playing cards fit in a box? How much ice-cream goes in a cone? If you were to paint the Pyramid of Cheops, what is the total area you would have to cover with paint?

We created a spreadsheet for all kinds of area and volume calculations. It certainly helps when you have children around.

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Power Consumption and Cooling calculator

So you just got your latest electricity bill, and you wonder what all that power was used for? Could it be the new 75″ TV? The old freezer?

We created a spreadsheet to help you calculate how much power an appliance or other electric device consumes when you use it for a given period. If you know how much your electricity costs, we can also tell you the cost of using the device.

And speaking of energy, much of that electricity actually turned into heat, one way or the other. Our calculator shows you how much.

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Shortest distance calculator

How far is from Mobile, Alabama from Newark, New Jersey? We built an example of a massive table lookup, with some complex calculations. The table contains the geographical coordinates of more than 700 US cities. The formulas use the table data to calculate the distance between two locations. The answer is 1,048 miles, but we’re sure that just makes you eager to know more.

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