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Real-time Sync enables live collaboration in your calculating web page. Multiple users can update the same electronic form or live calculator at the same time to make the work more efficient. You create a session name for your calculator web page, then invite your colleagues to join the collaboration.

Real-time Sync lets you invite work-group colleagues to collaborate on complex forms or calculations. Real-time Sync can also be used as an interactive presentation tool, where other users of a web conference can try their ideas directly in the spreadsheet. The results are saved automatically, so when you return to a calculation session, it always contains the latest values.


Personal use

Your calculator or form is always saved

It used to be that leaving a web page calculator meant losing a lot of information. The next time you returned to the same calculator, all the values were reset to defaults. With Real-time Sync, your calculator is always saved, even across a power outage or disk failure. The next time you access the same collaboration link, all the values from last time are still there.

Access your calculator from any computer

Conventional browser apps only save data in one computer, the one they run in. If you worked on a complex web form from home, and then had to move to your office computer, your previous work always stayed at home. With Real-time Sync, the form is in the cloud. When you get to the office, just open the collaboration link again and your latest changes are still there.

Use any type of device

Real-time Sync is device-independent. Access your calculator web page or an electronic form from mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Real-time Sync makes your work easier with a simple, shared link that can be accessed from any type of device, always showing you the latest edits in the webpage. As an example, you can start completing a form in bed using the web browser in your cell phone, continue with your tablet on the train, and finish up using your laptop in the office.

Plenty of time for a long, complex web form

During a busy day you may not have enough time to finish a complex electronic form before lunch. Real-time Sync allows you to work with a form or calculator just as long as you need. Every time you leave the page, the old values are saved and can be accessed later from the same or a different device.

Capture the perfect result

When you work with what-if analysis, you may reach your solution with just a narrow, perfect combination of values. With other web calculators you may have to write down the values you used, but with Real-time Sync it is all there every time you return. As long as you use the same link to the calculator, you return to the same data.

Use each form or calculator more than once

If you use a business spreadsheet to consider the situation for May, but then want to work with June, there is no need to finish the first calculation to start the next. With Real-time Sync you can start as many shared calculators of the same kind as you want.


Team use

Share your daily plans and status

Data entered into a shared form or calculator is immediately available to all users. It’s like the old whiteboard in the office reception where you used to write where you were going and when you’d be back. With Real-time Sync you can easily put this info on the web. Using the Real-time Sync link, everybody can update the shared status board on the web. You can access the status board from your mobile phone or tablet, to see where others are and when they will be back.

Collaborate with outside people

Collaborating with people outside your business environment is often essential to an efficient project. Share forms and calculators with suppliers, customers and business partners. With Real-time Sync, you can easily collaborate across organizational borders without the complexity of legacy computer systems.

Work together with many people at the same time

Real-time Sync enables you to collaborate with a large number of people. Just send them the shared URL and invite them to collaborate with you. There is no technical limit to the number of participants, but if the same data is changed too often it may of course be difficult to understand what’s happening.

Store your final result

After you have come to the final result and conclusion, just make sure you have saved the shared link so that you can return to the result later.

Enhance your customer support

Use Real-time Sync to enhance your customer support. Communicate with your customer while you collaborate on a live form or calculator. Let the support team and the customer work together in the same calculator until they reach the best solution.

Present live data on public monitors

A normal web page calculator does not update until you change something on the page. With Real-time Sync, all connected screens are continuously updated to show new values. This means you can use Real-time Sync to broadcast live data on monitors in public locations using a shared web form. To change the data on the screen, just update the form. You can update base values in a back-end worksheet, manually or from database servers, and have the monitors display calculated values from a front-end worksheet.

If you can build it with Excel, you can share it with Real-time Sync.

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