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This page contains the press release archive for SpreadsheetConverter, together with a short summary of what the product does.

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Product summary

SpreadsheetConverter publishes live spreadsheets and charts on the web.

  • Convert Excel to HTML or for iPhone/Android smartphones.
  • Change any cell and the online spreadsheet immediately updates itself. Charts are also updated automatically.
  • Put your booking and order forms on the web and have them sent directly to your e-mail inbox.
  • Create powerful, dynamic charts for your blog.

Press release archive

2018-11-26Many Ways to Calculate a Perfect Default Date and Show It to the World
2018-06-21Online Excel Spreadsheet Automatically Kept in Sync With Local File
2018-02-22Display Live Barcodes In Any Excel Calculator or Form
2017-09-17Publish Any Spreadsheet on the Web Directly From Inside Excel
2017-07-08Interactive Charts Enable Easy Analysis of Spreadsheet Data on the Web
2017-01-23New Plugin Imports Excel Spreadsheets into WordPress
2016-05-31Users Can Send Documents and Images With Their Electronic Forms
2016-03-28Automatically Switch Image Depending on User Input
2015-12-21Dynamic Menus Provide Advanced Navigation for Web Forms
2015-10-16Responsive Design Helps Live Calculators and Web Forms Adapt to Small Screens
2015-09-11Run Excel Spreadsheets Live On Open Source Node.js Servers
2015-02-02Build Android Calculators and Data Entry Apps Directly from Excel Spreadsheets
2014-06-12Collaborate on a Live Web Calculator or Smart Web Form with LiveShare
2014-04-11Google Maps Can Be Used in Excel Spreadsheets Converted for the Web
2014-01-30New Converter Hides Excel Rows in Web Calculators or Entire Sheets in Web Surveys
2013-09-05Show Live Excel Charts on Mobile Devices
2013-01-07Offer Live Excel Spreadsheets on Your Wordpress Blog
2012-08-04Clever Converter Publishes Live Excel Spreadsheets on the Web with Dropbox
2011-12-19New Tool Builds Advanced Forms and Calculators for iPhone/Android from Excel Prototypes
2011-11-20Convert Excel Spreadsheets to Live and Calculating Web Pages with SpreadsheetConverter Version 6
2011-06-08New Graphical Widgets For Calculating Web Forms In Microsoft Web Servers
2010-06-20Serve Calculating Forms And Live Charts From Windows Servers With Excel
2010-06-12New Tool Builds Advanced Web Pages In Flash From Excel Prototypes
2010-05-20Streamlined Web Forms Save Manual Labor
2010-02-25Run Your Excel Spreadsheets Live On the Web with SpreadsheetConverter Version 5

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