Calorie usage calculator with a live chart

Had enough of hearing about diets and weight loss? Well, from a physical point of view, there’s really nothing new under the sun. The difference between your intake of energy (e.g. measured in calories) and the energy you consume on various activities is still the only thing that affects your weight. Want to lose a few pounds? Eat less or move around more, that’s all there’s to it.

Here’s a chance to match your calorie intake to your consumption of calories. First describe how much you spend of a normal day on various levels of physical activity, then enter your approximate daily calorie intake. Depending on the balance between calorie intake and consumption, the spreadsheet calculates your weight change prognosis for the coming 52 weeks.

A nice thing with this example is that it lets us show you the beauty of live charts. Change the figures and the chart changes automatically.

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