Add additional flavors

You can easily unlock more flavors within the same installation by purchasing additional license keys. Example: if you have SpreadsheetConverter HTML, and you want to add the ability to generate web pages for iPhone/Android, just buy an add-on license key for SpreadsheetConverter iPhone/Android below.

When you unlock the program with an add-on license key, you also need to provide at least one existing license key. Don’t use the links below to buy your first license, start over here.

You must upgrade to the latest version of the program before you can add flavors to it here.

You can add Standard edition licenses even if you have other flavors in the Professional edition. To add a Professional edition license, you must already have at least one Professional license key. Step up to the Professional edition here.

Add SpreadsheetConverter flavorEditionPriceLink
Add iPhone/Android flavorProfessional$200
Add Node.js flavorProfessional$240
* VAT or the equivalent sales tax in your country will be added to the prices above if applicable.

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