A calculating web form for catering orders

This one started as a spreadsheet we created to calculate catering costs. After a while, we found that people were using old versions with old prices. With SpreadsheetConverter, we could convert our spreadsheet to a web page calculator that people could use directly on our internal web.

When prices change, all we have to do is update and convert the spreadsheet, upload it on the web, and the new prices are immediately there for everybody.

Before we started using SpreadsheetConverter, we were always chasing people, asking them to provide additional information that we just must have to process a catering order, e.g. their cost center numbers. Then we found out how to add a Send button to our little calculator. Now, after people have specified their requirements and checked the prices, they can send us their order directly from our web page with just a click of a button.

SpreadsheetConverter allows us to make certain fields in the catering order form mandatory. So now, no-one can send us a catering order without specifying their cost center. You bet it saves us time!

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