Advanced Submit Service license

The Advanced Submit Service is licensed separately, per month or with a 15% discount for a yearly license.

Six months of Advanced Submit Service is included for free when you buy a Professional Edition product.

To continue using the Advanced Submit Service after the free trial period, or to start a new subscription, use one of the links below. Save 15% with a yearly payment.

You need one license for each e-mail address you use to receive submitted forms. This e-mail address is also used to login to the server and access all the received forms. There is no limit to the number of different forms you can publish or to the number of responses you can receive for each form.

VAT or the equivalent sales tax in your country will be added to the prices below if applicable. Please contact our pre-sales Help Desk for more information.

Free Service




The HTML and JavaScript for the web form is created automatically from an Excel spreadsheet

For every completed form, you get an e-mail with all the form fields

Supports mandatory and hidden fields

Responsive, mobile-friendly design

Field contents can be calculated or validated using Excel formulas and functions

Select images or show maps depending on form field contents

Hide rows or entire sections that aren’t applicable

Create multi-step forms with wizard or sliding panel layout

Use Real-time Sync to collaborate with others on a form

Use themes for formatting and layout

Nothing to install in your server or website

No programming skills required, just enter an e-mail address

No change to configuration or settings

Advanced Service, monthly license




Use all the features of the Advanced service

Flexible, monthly billing