We take pride in offering first-class customer support. We will get you up and running with all SpreadsheetConverter software. Not only will we help you with any challenges related to the products themselves, but we’ll also do our best to assist you in your own implementation of them.

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Authoring web pages with SpreadsheetConverter involves several other components in your PC, your web publishing environment and the visitor’s web browser. We understand that you may need help to traverse this minefield of technical hurdles to reach your goal. Just follow the steps below and we’ll ensure you get your spreadsheet on the web.

Problems during download and installation

If you have installed SpreadsheetConverter but there is no SpreadsheetConverter tab in your Excel ribbon, or if you have problems related to download or installation, follow the instructions on the help page for download and installation.

Existing customer with technical problems

Follow the steps below if you have installed and used the add-in but it doesn’t work as you expect. For presales questions or “how-do-I” kind of questions, continue to the next section.

Check the Known Issues

The problem you have may already have been detected by or reported to us. Until we can fix such issues, we document them on the Known Issues page.

If you use offline forms, the old offline forms feature was built on a web standard called AppCache that is now being deprecated. Read more on the help page for offline forms.

Ensure you have the latest version of the add-in

The problem you are experiencing may already have been solved in the most recent update of the add-in. You should always download and install the latest update of the version covered by your license.

Test with one of our examples

If the converter does not work as you expect, e.g. it stops during conversion or you get strange messages from Windows, Excel or the add-in, this may or may not relate to the actual spreadsheet you are converting. To make it simpler for our help desk to recreate your problem, please use the Try Examples link in the ribbon to open the Weekly Time Card example that was installed with SpreadsheetConverter.

Screenshot of the Try Examples window in SpreadsheetConverter

The example spreadsheet does the following:

  1. It verifies that SpreadsheetConverter add-in was installed correctly and is available in Excel.
  2. It runs a test conversion of the example spreadsheet to a web page.
  3. It opens the converted web page in your default web browser.

If any of these steps fail, please uninstall the program from Settings > Apps and install it again.

If you still get the same problem you had before, it is better for us if you report it against our example than your own spreadsheet that we don’t know anything about.

Report technical issues inside the add-in

If you are working with a spreadsheet and not getting the results you want, or if you get error messages that you don’t understand, it is always best to use the Report Issue function in the add-in. This ensures that our help desk gets all the logs and system info they may need to understand the problem. Just click on the button in the SpreadsheetConverter ribbon and fill in the form.

Screenshot of the Report Issue window

If the Report Issue function doesn’t work, please use the contact form instead.

Use the Contact Form

If you need help, describe your problem using the Help Desk contact form.

Presales or how-to-use issues

Begin with the free demo

If you are still evaluating SpreadsheetConverter, you could save a lot of time by letting us convert your first spreadsheet for you. It’s a free service and it’ll show you exactly what your own spreadsheet will look like on the web.

If you like the result, we will help you through the download, installation and initial use of SpreadsheetConverter afterward.

Check the tutorials section

There may be a tutorial that covers the area where you have problems. Take a quick look in our Tutorials section to see if you find anything applicable to your situation.

Read the online Help pages

Our online Help is full of information on how to use the product. You can save time by browsing through the applicable topics before you contact support.

Contact the Help Desk

If you still need help, don’t despair. Describe your problem using the Help Desk contact form.

You’re not alone

We provide the best possible support, both for trial users and customers.

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