Getting started

Quick start guide

An overview of the conversion process

Problems with download or installation

Known false alarms from antivirus programs and Internet Security suites


Prepare your spreadsheet

Formatting the web page from Excel

Open cells for user input

Using data validation to ensure high-quality input

Use interactive charts

Use conditional formatting

Translation to other languages

Visitor and conversion tracking

Rules for input files

Supported Excel functions

User-defined functions


Responsive design

Create and configure responsive blocks

Edit and delete responsive blocks

Best practices for responsive blocks

The Add/Edit Responsive Block widget


Use widgets

Introduction to using widgets

Use the basic widgets, HTML flavor

Use the basic widgets, iPhone/Android flavor

Pick a date with a Calendar widget

The File Attachment widget

Hide rows or sheets with a widget

Visualize the world with Google maps

Create a dynamic dropdown menu

Switch image easily with the Link Image widget

The Add/Edit Responsive Block widget

Use the Barcode widget

Use the QR code widget


Work with web forms

Configure a web form’s submit options

Split web forms into two or more sections

Filling form fields from the link

Autosave form fields in browser storage

Submitting forms when you are offline

The index-quick.htm file

Browser storage

Tips and tricks for web forms and submit


Publish, share and save spreadsheets

The Publish to Cloud feature

Import spreadsheets with the WordPress plugin

Convert for Node.js servers

Protect your Node.js web page with Secure Login

Collaborate with Real-time sync, HTML flavor

Collaborate with Real-time sync, iPhone/Android flavor

Saving data in an online spreadsheet


Make it look good

Create a theme using Theme Designer

Apply a theme to a spreadsheet

Use the ThemePreview toolbar

Use a page fill color with iPhone/Android


Convert and test

How to change the regional settings in Windows

Instant Testing using QR code

Known issues


Menus and settings

The SpreadsheetConverter menu ribbon

The User Settings window

The task pane

The Widgets and Cell tabs

The Workbook tab

The Worksheets tab

The Errors tab



Register license keys

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