There are two editions of SpreadsheetConverter, Standard and Professional. The Professional edition caters for the extra needs of professional web authors and developers – and quite a few power users as well.

The Professional Edition allows you to redistribute your webpage outside your own organization, it supports more functions and more chart types. It also includes a six-month license for the Advanced Submit Service, a form-to-Inbox service that e-mails all submitted forms directly to your Inbox or saves them in a database. The email looks just like the web form the visitor filled in.

To buy a new Professional edition license or upgrade an existing license to the Professional edition, visit the license shop.

Price per HTML developer 1)$254$494
Price per iPhone/Android developer$334$654
Price per Node.js developer$374$714
Price per month$0$0
Price per web page$0$0
Price per visitor$0$0
Price per server 2)$0$0
* VAT or the equivalent sales tax in your country will be added to the prices above if applicable.

Conversion features

Automatic conversion with Live PreviewYesYes
Excel chartsPie, column and bar chartsPie, column, stacked column, bar, stacked bar, line, stacked line, area, stacked area, radar, scatter and doughnut charts
Interactive chartsYesYes
Developer skills required Non-programmer 3) Non-programmer 3)
Convert Excel workbooks with multiple worksheetsYesYes
Max number of cells4,00010,000-40,000
Conversion history YesYes
Instant testing with QR codeYesYes
Remember conversion settings per fileYesYes
OK to generate web pages for clients, at no additional costNoYes

Calculations and formulas

Excel required in browser or serverNoNo
Supports Excel Data ValidationYesYes
Supported Excel functions170 most common240
Advanced statistical functionsNoYes
Analysis ToolPak functionsNoYes
Advanced financial functionsNoYes
Excel date calculationsYesYes
Immediate recalculationYesYes
Formulas protected from editingYesYes
Calculated HYPERLINKsYesYes
Excel macros supportedNoNo

Cell Widgets

Required form fieldsYesYes
Hidden form fieldsYesYes
Multi-line text fieldsYesYes
E-mail address in correct formatYesYes
Radio buttonsYesYes
Dropdown menusYesYes
Dynamic Dropdown menusYesYes
Buttons with linkYesYes
E-mail and Call buttonsYesYes
Submit, Update, Reset buttonsYesYes

Image Widgets

Link ImageYesYes
QR codeYesYes
Google MapYesYes

Workbook widgets

Hide Rows/SheetsYesYes
Responsive BlockYesYes
File AttachmentNoYes


Responsive web page design adapts to screen sizeYesYes
Inherit formatting using themesYesYes
Conditionally hide cellsYesYes
Comments become tooltipsYesYes
Immediate formatting of entered numbersYesYes
Font, font sizeYesYes
Colors, backgroundYesYes
Hidden cells handled correctlyYesYes
Automatically hides ranges used in lookup operationsYesYes
Better control over printed output with a separate Print SheetNoYes

Multiple worksheets

Show only certain worksheetsYesYes
Conditionally hide worksheetsYesYes
Can create Data Entry WizardsYesYes
Can create sliding Panels per worksheetYesYes
Internal HyperlinksYesYes

Sharing and collaboration

Includes web server for instant testingYesYes
Import spreadsheets into WordPressNoYes
Can protect Node.js web page behind secure loginNoYes
Real-time sync between multiple users of same pageYesYes
Secure save-to-cloudYesYes

Forms submission and collection

Free forms submit/collect serviceYesYes
6 months free Advanced Submit ServiceNoYes
Automatic autosaveYesYes
File AttachmentsNoYes
Secure DeliveryYesYes
Submit forms when offlineYesYes

International support

Unicode supportYesYes
International Excel versions supportedYesYes
All standard texts and messages can be translatedYesYes
Formats numbers and dates according to regional settingsYesYes

Support, Updates, Refunds

30-day money-back guaranteeYesYes
E-mail support included6 months12 months
Free updates within major versionYesYes
Software Upgrade Guarantee6 months6 months
1) You need the SpreadsheetConverter program only when you perform the actual conversion from spreadsheet to web page format. You need one license for each PC on which you install the program to perform such conversions. VAT/sales tax may apply.

2) You must have a license for the Professional Edition to publish your webpage on websites that don't represent your own organization.

3) Non-programmers might need help when installing the generated ASP.NET pages on their web server.