As a service to your users, we pre-fill each web form they open with the most recent values they used for the same form. This saves them a lot of time when they submit multiple forms with similar content. Now this also works with really huge web forms. 

Having to re-enter all the values in a web form every time you open it can be very painful, and even more frustrating when dealing with large forms with numerous input fields. Usually, your users want to retain a lot of the contents from the previous form.

In version 7 and older, we used cookies, small text containers saved by the web browser, to save the fields from the most recently submitted form. But a cookie is small and there’s only room for around 150 input fields. If your form had more fields, we became unable to re-use its field contents for your users.

In version 8 we introduce support for Big Browser Storage, which offers significantly greater capacity. Now we can store at least 150,000 input fields, well enough for any form we expect anyone to build with SpreadsheetConverter.




Other enhancements

Instant save

Prior to version 8, the field contents were saved in the cookie only when you closed the web page, or the browser itself. Now, changes are saved immediately, right after the users makes the change.

Confirmation Message

Users will see a little yellow message at the top of page — similar to what they may have seen in other online services like Google Mail — whenever a change is saved successfully in the browser.

Big Browser Storage capacity in different browsers

The exact storage capacity varies from web browser to web browser. SpreadsheetConverter supports a number of storage technologies that are used by modern web browsers, e.g. IndexedDB and LocalStorage.

The capacity is often specified in fixed size (in MB) or in Quota. Quota is a variable limit that depends on the amount of free space left in the device.


You always get the best storage option

Every calculating web page you build with SpreadsheetConverter version 8 or later automatically selects the best storage option that is supported in the browser in which it is opened. This saves the users from having to know these technical details. Also, as browsers gets upgraded, your calculator will be able to store more without having to be updated.