Real-time Sync lets you collaborate with your colleagues in real-time to create and analyze calculating forms and web pages. In version 8 this feature is also available in the iPhone/Android flavor. 

In version 7 of SpreadsheetConverter we introduced LiveShare, the predecessor to today’s Real-time Sync. Multiple users can update the same calculating web page or web form at the same time, seeing each other’s changes. This feature is now available also in the iPhone/Android flavor. Using a smartphone, you can share a calculating webpage with your colleagues, and work together with them in real-time.


Using Real-time Sync on iPhone or Android is very similar to using it with the other flavors.

You create a private session with a unique secret key and send the key to anyone you want to join in. Working with the web page together with others is just like using it on your own, except of course that you all see each other’s changes.

When a person is editing a field a small name tag appears.

Anyone joining late? Get all the updates from the beginning. Want to resume tomorrow? We’ll keep your session alive overnight.

Read our step-by-step guide on how to use Real-time Sync in iPhone/Android.