Is the function XYZ supported?

Please refer to the current list of supported functions:


We constantly add more supported functions. If there is a function XYZ you need, please let us know, and we may prioritize it.

Does SpreadsheetConverter handle the error values #N/A #ERROR #VALUE?

Yes, all error values will be seen as the single value NaN (Not-a-Number). All error values are mapped to the same value, so you cannot distinguish between #VALUE and #N/A for example.

Since not all users of web pages are used to using Excel, they may not be used to Excel’s error values. Therefore, it is better to make sure that the error values are not shown to the user in order to avoid confusion.

What functions does SpreadsheetConverter support?

See the SpreadsheetConverter Functions document at supported-excel-functions

If the function you’re looking for is not there, let us know.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support arrays?

Yes, array syntax such as {3;4;5} is supported.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support functions like MMULT that return arrays?

No, not yet.

Does SpreadsheetConverter allow me to change cell formulas at runtime?

No, SpreadsheetConverter protects formulas from change.

How can I make WORKDAY handle holidays?

The WORKDAY function has a 3rd argument which points to a range of holidays. You have to maintain that range yourself. See the documention for WORKDAY in Excel.

How do I make formula cells editable (if the user wants to overwrite the value calculated by formula)?

Currently formulas cannot be overwritten.

Workaround: Have 2 fields + checkbox. If the checkbox is set use the calculated value, if it is unset, you the override value.

Do you know of a way to skip holidays on a date calculation?

Use NETWORKDAYS(start_date,end_date,holidays)

Returns the number of whole working days between start_date and end_date. Working days exclude weekends and any dates identified in holidays. Use NETWORKDAYS to calculate employee benefits that accrue based on the number of days worked during a specific term.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support lookup-functions?


I need function XXX?

If a function you need isn’t supported, please let us know.

Workaround: If the precision you need isn’t high, create a table of XXX-values. The Copy the table and make Paste-Special-Values only.

Then use INDEX to lookup your value in the table.

Is there a way to have SpreadsheetConverter support a new function?

Yes, if you can define the function yourself, you can make it a user defined function, and the SpreadsheetConverter generated code will call it.

We also add new functions by request.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support date calculations?


You can see an example below, were we build the date using Excel’s date function and substract the values.

SpreadsheetConverter will convert the date calculations into JavaScript.

How do I create something like If A1=1, 5; If A2=1.5, 6; If A3=2, 7; If A4=2.5, 8; If A5=3, 9?

You nest the ifs like this:

=if(a1=1, 5, if(a2=1.5, 6, if(a3=2.7, 7, if(a4=2.5, 8, if(a5=3, 9, 0)))))

My spreadsheet uses OFFSET and INDIRECT, which isn’t supported.

Try using INDEX instead.

Can users edit the spreadsheet in real time?

No, formulas are always protected.

Reference card for JavaScript

Look at

from Visibone, which has a lot of nice printed reference cards.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support user-defined functions, macros, VBA or Visual Basic?

Macros, VBA, Visual Basic are not handled by SpreadsheetConverter, only Excel formulas and about 300 Excel functions.

However, if you can translate these functions yourself, the generated code can call it.


Why doesn’t COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK work 100% as in Excel?

The problem with COUNT is due to Excel’s complex empty cell rule.

Place =A1 in A2 and you get 0. Why isn’t A2 empty? It is the same as A1. But if you do COUNTBLANK(A1:A2), the result is 1.

We are working on this.

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