A new member of the SpreadsheetConverter family saw the light of day in early June. SpreadsheetConverter iPhone/Android allows you to convert Excel spreadsheets to iPhone format, giving Apple smartphones the ability to run spreadsheets and smart forms converted from the Microsoft Office desktop environment.

The new version can also convert Excel spreadsheets to Android format. This makes it possible to use smartphones from manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, LG, ZTE, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Huawei to perform spreadsheet calculations and fill/send electronic forms developed in Microsoft Excel.

Empower your mobile workforce



Smart forms created with Excel can now be used by your mobile workforce for product selection and configuration, surveys, on-site evaluations and other suitable data collection/data entry applications. Completed forms are sent directly to a predefined e-mail Inbox, or saved with our direct-to-database subscription service.

Spreadsheets can also be used as templates for smartphone calculators for business, finance, engineering or personal life.

No programming, Excel does it all

If you know Excel, you can create an iPhone calculator or an Android smart form in just a few, simple steps:

  • Install SpreadsheetConverter iPhone/Android.
  • Create a new spreadsheet in Excel.
  • Use a simple, one- or two-column layout for the smartphone’s small display.
  • Use the formulas and functions required to solve the problem.
  • Add the the widgets, fonts and colors that makes it look good.
  • Save your spreadsheet.
  • Press the Convert button on the SpreadsheetConverter menu.
  • Sync the result over to the smartphone or upload it to a web server.
  • Open the calculator or smart form in your favorite iPhone or Android web browser.

Participate in the beta test!

SpreadsheetConverter iPhone/Android is now in public beta test. Download the free trial beta version using the link below and install it in a Windows PC with Excel. Note: installing this version will uninstall any existing installation of SpreadsheetConverter in the same Windows system.

Follow the steps above to create your first smartphone calculator. Please do not verify the result of the conversion in your desktop browser. The smartphone calculators are heavily optimized for the smartphone’s small and narrow screen and usually look ugly on a wide screen. To understand the full power of smartphone calculators or smart forms, you must open them in the smartphone environment they are part of.

Download the SpreadsheetConverter iPhone/Android beta version for Excel in Windows.

The whole purpose of beta testing is to remove deficiencies in the product that can only be detected in real-life applications. If you find any errors in the product, or get any unexpected results, we encourage you to report it to us. There’s no need to be formal, just send an e-mail to support@spreadsheetconverter.com.

You need a paid license for the product to publish any results on a server. Read more about our free trial service.The free version does not convert entire workbooks. To see the full converted webpage, you can request a free trial key.


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