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Here is our Examples collection, converted for iPhone/Android phones from Excel spreadsheets.

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Health calculators


Calculating your BMI is a popular and easy way to tell if your weight is putting your health at risk. Our example spreadsheet calculates your BMI after you’ve entered your weight and height.


Want to lose a few pounds? Eat less or move around more, that’s all there’s to it. Here’s a chance to match your calorie intake to your consumption of calories. First describe how much you spend of a normal day on various levels of physical activity, then enter your approximate daily calorie intake. The spreadsheet calculates your weight change prognosis for the coming 52 weeks.

Technical calculators


When water freezes, Europeans say it’s around zero. Zero degrees Celsius, that is, or “centigrade”. But in the U.S., it’s more common to say 32 degrees Fahrenheit. On a hot day, the San Diego radio talks about it being “in the nineties”. Let’s all be grateful they’re not talking centigrade. This spreadsheet helps you convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


We help you convert between miles and kilometers, another very useful skill when you cross the Atlantic. You can also calculate the remaining distance, average speed or total travel time if you know the other two.

Financial calculators


When you buy a product in the US, some of the money usually goes to sales tax. We built this spreadsheet to let you enter the amount before tax, and the sales tax rate. The tax and total are calculated automatically.


Calculates the UK value-added tax (VAT) for a product, almost identical to the US sales tax calculator above.


Calculate the monthly payment for a loan, the actual interest rate or the remaining number of monthly payments.


An Equal Monthly Installment is a fixed amount returned from the borrower to the lender each month. This means that both the amount returned from the principal loan and the interest is fixed so that over a specified time the whole loan is paid back in full. EMIs are popular mechanisms of credit payment, particularly in consumer financing.


A bond is a long-term promissory note issued by a business or a business firm. The bond value or price of the bond is calculated on the basis of face value, coupon rate, market rate and maturity period of the bond.As an example, a company issues a seven-year bond with a coupon rate of 14% payable semiannually. The face value of the bond is $1,000.00. The market rate of interest is 14%. To calculate the price of the bond, we created this spreadsheet.


We created a spreadsheet that tries to find out the effect of leverage on the systematic risk of a company’s stock returns. It is trying to explore the effect of employing various levels of Debt in the Capital Structure of the firm, on the risk of the company’s returns.



Excel is such a versatile tool! Here we used it to create a survey for visitors to a fictitious website called “”. With the help of SpreadsheetConverter, the survey can be conducted using iPhone/Android phones. When each survey response is submitted, it ends up in your e-mail Inbox. This service is included with your license. If you expect lots of survey responses, you can sign up for the fee-based Advanced Submit Server and store survey responses in a database until you download them all in one go.

Business web forms


This started as a plain contact form for a website, and turned into a nice little “contact information wizard”. Instead of showing a very complex form with lots of empty fields, we split the form into two separate steps. After the first page, the visitor presses Next to advance to the next step in the wizard. Splitting the contact form into steps makes it easier to request different information for different types of visitors or inquiries. It also makes the form less complex, while still allowing the visitor to return to an earlier step and modify previous input.

Order forms


Taking orders directly on a handheld device can be very convenient in a mobile environment. SpreadsheetConverter builds smartphone forms directly from Excel spreadsheets, including menus, graphical widgets and advanced data validation. The complete order form can be submitted directly from the phone to any predefined e-mail Inbox. This service is included for free with SpreadsheetConverter.

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