Collaborate on a spreadsheet with Real-time Sync

The new Real-time Sync feature in SpreadsheetConverter 7.6 lets you invite work-group colleagues to collaborate on complex forms or calculations. Two or more users can update the spreadsheet simultaneously. This allows you do discuss an order, engineering decision or project plan over the phone while seeing the results of each change in the shared spreadsheet.

Real-time Sync can also be used as an interactive presentation tool, where other users of a web conference can try their ideas directly in the spreadsheet, e.g. for a complex what-if analysis or price quotation.

The results are saved automatically. When you return to a calculation session, it contains the latest values. As with any electronic form, the result can also be saved using the built-in form submit feature, delivering the contents of the form fields to an e-mail Inbox or saved in a database.

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Version 7.5 is here!

Version 7.5 of SpreadsheetConverter is now available. With this release, you can use Google Maps also in iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. The map automatically uses the full width of the screen so you don’t have any difficulty in making adjustments.

If you make a great app for your smartphone – or someone elses – it can now be added to the home screen with an icon, like an app.

Most widgets have their own online help page, the installer is faster and smarter, and there are numerous small enhancements and corrections.

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The new SpreadsheetConverter version 7

Show charts on mobile devices.

SpreadsheetConverter version 7 adds many highly anticipated features:

  • We can render charts with HTML5. Charts can be used also on smartphones and tablets, and charts can be printed.
  • With conditional formatting, you can dynamically adapt the formatting depending on cell contents.
  • In surveys and other form applications, you can hide or show rows depending on what the user has entered in other cells.
  • Users can receive an automatic copy of each form they submit.
  • Forms can be submitted much faster from mobile devices.
  • Improved Excel to JavaScript spreadsheet conversion.
  • Version 7 supports Excel 2013.

If you purchased a license this year, the upgrade is free. Other upgrades start at $44. Upgrade to version 7 now!

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Create Excel apps for iPhone/Android

SpreadsheetConverter iPhone/Android converts Excel spreadsheets to web apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. Build pocket calculators and instant web forms for use anywhere, without requiring a laptop or a tablet.

Smart forms created with Excel can now be used by your mobile workforce for:

  • product selection and configuration
  • surveys
  • on-site evaluations
  • other suitable data collection/data entry applications

Completed forms are sent directly to a predefined e-mail Inbox, or saved with our direct-to-database subscription service.

Spreadsheets can also be used as templates for smartphone calculators for business, finance, engineering or personal life.

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