Version 7 of SpreadsheetConverter supports conditional formatting. Charts are supported also on mobile devices. You can now automatically hide or show rows in a form depending on previous answers.

SpreadsheetConverter version 7 adds many highly anticipated features. It becomes much easier to create calculators, forms and charts for mobile devices, and to dynamically adapt the formatting depending on cell contents.



Google Map - Show locations in your webpage

The Google Map widget lets you use a map in web page created from a spreadsheet. You can have the spreadsheet control what area the map shows, and insert pins on specific, named locations. Therefore, you can show locations of your companies, stores etc. Learn more


LiveShare your webpage

Would you like to collaborate on a complex calculation with your peers and colleagues?

The Live Share feature allows you to share a calculating web page in a group and simultaneously update the numbers.

You create a group name which also is a secret key, then invite your colleagues to join the group and open a live copy of the collaboration spreadsheet.

To the right is an animation showing how a calculating web page is shared.

Learn more. 

Use live charts on Android and iPhone

Show charts on mobile devices.

HTML5 Charts

Most mobile devices don’t support Flash, so we added the ability to generate charts from a spreadsheet directly in HTML5. This enables you to display charts also on iPads and Android tablets.

Not that we expect charts to be equally popular on iPhones and Android smartphones, but we support them anyway. Naturally, what you see is what there’s room for, depending on the size of the display.

With charts in native HTML, you can now also easily print charts from most modern web browsers.


Conditional Formatting applied in sudoku game

Conditional formatting

In Excel, conditional formatting provides an excellent way to highlight abnormal values or to focus attention on the most important rows or columns in a spreadsheet. With SpreadsheetConverter 7, conditional formatting is also supported on web forms and calculators converted for iPhone/Android. Learn more


Hide/show rows depending on cell contents

When you design forms, it is often useful to be able to hide sections of the form depending on the user’s answers to previous questions. Perhaps you wish to hide questions about current employment for full-time students or people that have retired.

Hidden rows can also provide dynamic selection of text and image in interactive handbooks and debugging wizards, all controlled by the user’s responses.

To the left is an example from a form where the age needs to be specified for all the children in a family. Regardless of the number of children, there is always one Age field per child. Learn more.

Screenshot of a text field with the reserved name "email"

Just name the field "email"

Copy to submitter when form is submitted

When a form is submitted, an e-mail copy of the submitted form can be sent to the submitter, or to any other e-mail address. Just give a cell the reserved name “email” and have the user enter the e-mail address there.

Also, please enable the “Show CAPTCHA before submitting to reduce spam” in the configure submit dialog box to enable the copy to submitter function of the advanced submit service. Without enabling this, you cannot use the copy to submitter function in the spreadsheet converter.

Like any other named cell, the e-mail address can also be set from the form’s URL, e.g. “…/form.htm?email=x@y.z”.


Dropbox history

The spreadsheet converter V7 remembers your dropbox history. Now you do not need to keep hold of your previous uploads in the dropbox as the spreadsheet converter dropbox share remembers your last 10 URL of the uploads in the dropbox


Faster submit when using the Advanced Submit Service

When forms are submitted from mobile devices, it is often essential that the file that is sent is as small as possible. Customers that use the Advanced Submit Service can dramatically reduce the size of the data sent from the mobile device for each form by using the index-quick.htm file that is created during conversion.

You must submit the full form once, for example directly after each conversion from your local PC. The Advanced Submit Service will automatically retain all information from the full electronic form and use it for subsequent “quick” submissions using the index-quick.htm file.

Other improvements

We have also made numerous minor improvements to the product in this new version.

  • When you upload a calculator to Dropbox, a QR code with a link to the calculator in Dropbox is created automatically. Just paste the QR code into an e-mail or save it as an image on your website to make the new calculator immediately available to your mobile users.
  • Named cells in a form or calculator can be set directly from the URL that calls the converted web page, e.g.
  • .js och .css files are combined to improve loading speeds.
  • With the Date Picker control, today’s date is used if no default is set.
  • The tick mark interval can be set for sliders, e.g. 25,50,75.
  • Full support for Required widgets with iPhone/Android.
  • Improved handling of wrapped text.
  • The Enter key now exits a cell just like the Tab key.
  • Support for bigger forms.
  • Deeply nested formulas “=IF(IF(IF…” convert much quicker, but we still recommend that you use VLOOKUP whenever possible.
  • Quicker recognition of circular references, which by nature cannot be resolved properly.

 Version 7 system requirements

  • SpreadsheetConverter version 7 supports Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 in 32- or 64-bit mode.
  • Excel 2003 users should install the Microsoft Office Compability Pack.
  • Version 7 requires the .NET 4.0 Client Profile, a free update that is installed using Windows Update.
  • You need Windows XP with Service Pack 3, or any later version of Windows in 32- or 64-bit mode.
  • For the first installation, you must be logged on as a Windows administrator. Subsequent installations and upgrades can be performed also when logged on as an ordinary Windows user.

Upgrading to version 7

Version 7 has been superseded by more recent versions. Please contact our sales department to upgrade to version 7.

Download and test it now!

New versions co-exist with older versions of SpreadsheetConverter, so you can test a new version without removing the old.