SpreadsheetConverter version 7 adds many highly anticipated features. It becomes much easier to create calculators, forms, charts and maps for mobile devices, and to dynamically adapt the formatting depending on cell contents.


Show maps on mobile devices

Google Maps in smartphone

A good news for smartphone user – Google Maps are now available in the smartphone flavor as well. And to make the map easier to view, the map will automatically cover the full width so you don’t have any difficulty in making adjustments.


The new dropbox history feature

Dropbox history

Note: Dropbox has disabled the ability to host calculators on the web. The below information is no longer relevant. 

Did you ever forget to save the Dropbox URL or QR code when you shared a calculator via Dropbox? We did. The new Dropbox history available in the Dropbox sharing window lets you recall the URL and QR code for the last ten webpages uploaded to your Dropbox account.


Add your favorite calculator to your home page.

"Add to home screen" bookmark in smartphone

On mobile devices, pointing the web browser to your favorite calculators can take a lot of time. Now you can save the calculator as an icon on the home screen so it is just a tap away.


Experience faster installation.

Smart installer.

7.5 introduces a smart installer for faster installation.


Get online help in using widgets

Help buttons.

Some of our widgets are very powerful. In release 7.5 we have added help icons to almost every widget. As long as you have an online Internet connection, each Help button will take you to the section of the online tutorials that describes how to use the widget.

Other Enhancements

  • Conditional Formatting enhancements
    • Expression with multiple values can be used in condition
  • Widget improvements.
    • Directly jump to certain year in calendar widget
    • Geo-coordinate picker for Map
    • All pages same height in Wizard layout
  • UI improvements.
    • Touch-friendly UI (compatible with Windows 8)
  • Bugs in hide rows sheet.
    • Hide Sheets option can be used without using Hide Rows option.
  • PDF improvements.
    • Image quality in PDF is keep intact.
    • All images are included in PDF.
  • Offline storage in smartphone
    • Cache is automatically updated when it is connected to internet.
    • Works with both Compress css and js on/off.
  • Important bug fixes
    • Different input cells and calculated cells.

Version 7

Read more about the new features in version 7.