Explore our tutorials on how to use SpreadsheetConverter. Learn how to build live web pages from Excel spreadsheets, and create online forms that integrate with your web server or our form-to-Inbox services.

These tutorials are mainly intended to help new users to get started with the product. If you have any questions that aren’t covered by the tutorials, you’re always welcome to contact our Help Desk and they will do their best to get you started.


If you’re looking for examples on how to solve various business problems with SpreadsheetConverter, visit our Examples library.

Tutorials for users

Basic tutorials

Create a simple sales tax calculator

Starting with a simple Excel spreadsheet, it’s easy to create a simple sales tax calculator web page that looks the same and calculates the same as the spreadsheet. We’ll then publish the web page on the web and add the calculator to an existing web page in WordPress.

Graphical widgets make your web calculator easier to use

For some data types, using a graphical widget is so much easier than just entering numbers and letters. Instead of “Yes”, tick a checkbox. Choose within a list of valid choices in a dropdown menu. Use calendars to pick a date. Let us show you how graphical widgets make your web calculator easier to use.

Working with image widgets and placeholders

Some widgets generate images, like maps or barcodes. In this tutorial you select a country in a form, and its flag appears. Change the country and the flag changes, too. Learn how to work with some of the more advanced widgets like Link Image and Dynamic Dropdown in this tutorial about a membership application form.

Use a live chart with your web calculator

The best way to visualize data is often with a chart. This tutorial shows you how to use a chart with your web calculator. The live chart in the web page updates automatically when the values in the data table are changed.

Create a theme and apply it to your calculator

You can change the visual appearance of your calculator in several ways. If you apply colors to text or backgrounds in Excel, they will also be used for the corresponding objects in the converted web page. For other things, you need to create a theme using Theme Designer. This tutorial shows you how to work with web page layout using both theme and Excel formatting.

Advanced tutorials

Upload a converted calculator or form to a web server

There are several ways to upload files to web servers. One of the most common is the File Transfer Protocol, FTP. In this tutorial we use FTP to publish a converted Excel spreadsheet on a web server.

Collaborate using Real-time sync

Once you have a live calculator or smart electronic form up and running, you can work with it together with someone, simultaneously. Learn how in the tutorial on Real-time sync collaboration.

Creating a shared sign-up list for an event

The contents of an online form can be saved from one visit to the next. A simple online sign-up list makes it easy to see the names of all the people that have previously signed up for an event. Learn how in the shared sign-up list tutorial.

Test web pages in iPhone or Android smartphones

Testing web pages for mobile devices like Apple and Android tablets and smartphones can be very time-consuming, but we can help. Here are a few tips on how to test html web pages in iPhone, iPad or Android.

Create Android apps with Excel and AppsGeyser

Once you you convert a calculator or form to Android format, you can make an app of it that you can distribute and perhaps even sell. Here are the steps required to create Android apps with Excel and AppsGeyser.

Create your first online form

Follow these simple step to create your first online form with Excel, enter values into it and have it arrive in your own e-mail Inbox.

Create an online survey and analyse the responses

This tutorial show you how to create an online survey using SpreadsheetConverter to HTML.

Note that the tutorial uses the Microsoft Frontpage Extensions to transfer form contents to the web server, whereas the recent versions of SpreadsheetConverter now have built-in support for forms handling.

Order using Paypal

You can use HYPERLINK to build a url, that can be used to open a shopping cart for Paypal. This tutorial shows you how to open a PayPal payment form.

Tutorials for programmers

These tutorials are not actively updated for new versions of ASP.Net, Visual Studio or SpreadsheetConverter. They are still correct when it comes to the basic integration principles. 

Initializing cell values from dynamic data

This is a tutorial on how you can initialize cell values used by the calculator with dynamic data on a server. You need some basic programmer’s skills to do this and a suitable web server technology, for example Classic ASP or PHP.

Storing form values in a database

You want to store the values from your ASP.NET form into a database and repopopulate the form when the user returns back.

This tutorial shows how you can connect an ASP.NET form created with SpreadsheetConverter to a database. It is very easy if you know some programming and Visual Studio.

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