Will SpreadsheetConverter convert all sheets in a multiple sheet workbook?

SpreadsheetConverter always converts all sheets and include all necessary parts into the web page.

However, you do not need to show all sheets to the user. You can select to show the selected sheet, the selected sheets or all sheets.

I would like to put all of the worksheets in a workbook onto tabs, just as it appears in Excel

You will get tabs if you choose to show more than one worksheet.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support references to other workbooks?

SpreadsheetConverter supports references between worksheets within a workbook, but not off-book references.

Does your product convert Excel files with multiple (linked) sheets inside? — also including formulas, etc?

It converts the whole workbook including all worksheets and links between worksheets.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support conversion of spreadsheets where the main worksheet refers to data in other worksheets?

Yes, all relevant formulas and tables will be used, regardless on which workssheet they are.

I want people to see the second and 17th sheet (which is not the last) of the workbook. Is this possible?


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