How do I change the look-and-feel of the page?

The look-and-feel of the web page generated by SpreadsheetConverter is defined by a number of style sheets in the header of the HTML-file. By changing the style sheet values the page layout will change.

You can also open up the page in FrontPage or Dreamweaver and change the layout and look-and-feel. All calculations will continue to work as normal.

I want to change the column width in Dreamweaver and Frontpage.

Regarding column width, best is to correct these in Excel and then regenerate the web page, the web page should be within 20% of the Excel width. We have made many tests to make sure that we set the columns width such that it works as expected in many different browsers.

An alternative is to open the regenerated page in Dreamweaver, switch to HTML-code view, and remove our width settings (see first in the <table).

The columns will collapse, and you can now set them using Dreamweaver.

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