Does SpreadsheetConverter use a Java Applet or an ActiveX-component?

No, SpreadsheetConverter only uses the JavaScript-engine that is included in all modern browsers.

There is nothing to download for the browser except a standard web page.

I get warning “…restricted this file from showing active content…”?

If you use Windows XP SP2 you might get a warning “…restricted this file from showing active content…” The warning only appears during testing and not when the web page is published to a web server.

Please upgrade to version 3.1.9 or later.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support Netscape?

SpreadsheetConverter for HTML version 2 support NS4 and IE4 and later.

SpreadsheetConverter for HTML version 3 requires NS7 and IE5 and later.

NS4 and IE4 is virtually non-existent nowadays.

The generated web pages do no work in Windows Mobile 2003

Use Opera instead. The SpreadsheetConverter pages work fine using Opera as the browser.

Presumably the IE version with Windows Mobile 2003 (Second Edition) does not contain a full implementation of Javascript.

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