Version 5 is no longer current. Learn more about the much enhanced version 6.

New features in SpreadsheetConverter version 5

SpreadsheetConverter version 5 adds many more features like stacked charts, sliders, required fields, calendar controls and much more. With version 5 comes a new Flash version of the product and major updates to the forms delivery service.

To upgrade your current license to version 5, visit the version 5 upgrade page.

More controls

Dropdown lists and checkboxes have always been supported. We have added a number of new controls:

  • Radio buttons. Radio buttons in columns and/or rows
  • Slider. Both horizontal and vertical sliders are supported.
  • Ratings (or stars)
  • Calendar controls. Three types of date selection is supported, either the calendar is shown all the time, or there is a calendar icon, or the calendar is shown when the field is entered.
    Click on the calendar icon
    Select the date
  • Hidden fields. A hidden field is not shown on the web page, and still, the value is part of the submit.

Improved multi-worksheet support

Worksheets can be shown in many different ways now.

  • Tabs
  • Panels in different version. Show all sheets above each other. The user can select to hide some of them.
  • Wizard with next/prev and required check on submit. Each worksheet is one step in the wizard.

Enhanced charting

Our interactive charts, which are updated immediately has always been one of SpreadsheetConverters unique selling points. We have worked hard to make the charts even better.

  • Better looking charts.
  • Stacked bar and column charts
  • Information when hovering over charts
  • More colors and more formatting is supported

Better submit support

Spreadsheet converter generates standard HTML forms, so in principle any solution that handles submit can be used. However, most of our customers are business people, and therefore our form-to-Inbox solutions Free Submit Service and Advanced Submit Service are appreciated by many. No need to talk to the IT people or the web guys.

  • Better compatibility with Outlook 2007 HTML emails. (This is needed since Outlook 2007 only supports a subset of HTML.)
  • Required fields
  • Captcha to reduce spam

All these texts can be changed and written in your local language


There are other areas where we worked a lot, for example

  • Charts and controls supported in Excel 2007
  • Better tooltips

The Professional Edition

Charts and functions has been improved greatly in v5.

SpreadsheetConverter Flash version 5

This is an entirely new flavor of SpreadsheetConverter that generates calculating web forms and web pages in Adobe/Macromedia Flash format.

Click on the image below to try this new example of how a fairly ordinary spreadsheet can become a pretty remarkable web page built almost entirely as a self-contained Flash file.

For many more examples of calculating web pages that SpreadsheetConverter Flash can publish on the web for you, including an Equated Monthly Installment calculator and a Beta Risk calculator, visit the Flash product page.

SpreadsheetConverter ASP.NET version 5

Version 5 of SpreadsheetConverter ASP.NET introduces a lot of new features:

  • Full support for live charts.
  • Full support for the new graphical widgets: calendars, ratings, sliders, radio buttons etc.
  • Full support for the Free and Advanced forms processing services.
  • All cells are recalculated immediately using AJAX background communication with the server. You don’t need to press a button to recalculate, and there is no screen flicker.

Click on the image below to see for yourself how the server automatically recalculates the worksheet as you change the values in our Body Mass Index calculator.


Body Mass Index calculator

To learn more about this major update, please visit the ASP.NET product page.

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