Version 3.2 of SpreadsheetConverter for ASP&ASP.NET and for Java/JSP has been released

You can download the new versions here.


Create better looking web pages

  • Now, you can create web pages with single-line, multi-line input boxes, list boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons and dropdown lists.
  • Insert a picture, image or clipart in the spreadsheet and it will turn up on the web page.
  • If you want to show more than one sheet, SpreadsheetConverter generates tabs for easy switching between them.
  • New buttons: Reset and Print: Reset resets the fields to their initial values, and Print prints the form.
  • Character cell formatting: Supports formatting of text inside a cell, for example a single word can be made italic.
  • Cyrillic, Chinese and other non-US characters supported. Full Unicode support. The web pages are UTF-8.
  • CSS, cascading style sheets formatting: The formatting is based on CSS.
  • Currencies are shown when presenting calculated values. Currencies are not shown in input cells.
  • Easier to create web pages with different colored input cells. Previously, unless SpreadsheetConverter’s automatic detection did a perfect job, you had to set the background color of each input cells to a unique color. This method still works, but you can also use the locked flag to define the input cells. By default, Excel makes all cells locked. Unlock those where you want the user to enter data.
  • Warn if spreadsheet contains a lot of blank lines below the active area or to the right. It is important to delete or hide these. It will make the conversion faster and in some cases reduce the size of the web page.


  • Much faster conversion, typically 5 times faster.
  • If you want 2 out of 6 sheets to be shown on the web page, select these two and start conversion.
  • Creating radio buttons, drop-down menus isn’t that easy in Excel. We have added 3 wizards to help you create these faster.
  • Quicker testing. The generated web page is shown faster by reusing an old window that showed the same page. Tip: The internet explorer window will always be the second window from top. Press Alt-Tab go show it.

Functions and forms

  • TEXT, FIXED, and DOLLAR are supported.
  • CORREL, COVAR, RSQ, PEARSON are supported.
  • EOMONTH, EDATE, WORKDAY are supported.
  • Input cells can be set from the url, for example /set.htm? will set the input cells called email and version. Only text fields can be set, not checkboxes, list boxes, dropdown lists and radio buttons. Do not forget to encode uuencode the values if they contain characters like space, &, ?, =, …

Submit if you generate pure HTML-pages

  • We have started rolling out our Advanced Submit Service for handling submits and routing the emails. You can use the first step, where the email contains the whole web page as it looked when the user pressed submit.


  • Optimize the stylesheet and make it smaller.
  • Simpler to check if a newer version of SpreadsheetConverter has been released.
  • A lot of bugs have been solved. If you detect any problems, please report them.

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