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The shutdown of the JotForm site proves the benefit of hosting your own web forms

For the electronic forms that run your business, it’s probably not such a good idea to use a hosted forms service like JotForm. Just ask the 700,000 users of JotForm who just lost access to all their two million web forms for two days. Using an external service provider exposes you to unpredictable shutdowns.


Version 6 is both faster and easier to use

We recently made version 6 of SpreadsheetConverter available on the website. A new user interface makes it much easier to insert widgets and adjust their properties. The new version also allows you to generate web pages for different environments.


SpreadsheetConverter iPhone/Android enters beta test

SpreadsheetConverter iPhone/Android is now in public beta test. Show instant quotes on iPhone or Android smartphones. Provide powerful mobile data entry services, mobile form applications or web calculators that work even when the smartphone is offline.


New graphical widgets for web forms in Microsoft servers

March 16, 2011: Creating calculating web forms for Microsoft ASP.NET pages just became a lot easier. This new tool version adds many graphical web widgets that can make your smart web forms even smarter.


Streamlined web forms save manual labor

December 29, 2010: When you create a web form with Excel, you get high-quality responses with all required information present and correct. With little training, any Excel user can build advanced graphical web forms that require much less manual labor to process.


Serve calculating forms from Windows servers

What does it take to create an interactive web form that reads data off a Windows server? Well, if you can create a prototype in Excel, SpreadsheetConverter ASP.Net version 5 converts your prototype into a full-fledged Windows server application.


Flash examples show strong potential

June 4, 2010: We’ve created new versions of most of our examples to demonstrate the power of the latest member of the family, SpreadsheetConverter Flash. The results are simply stunning. Generating complex Flash-based web forms and calculators from Excel prototypes can turn out to be the most important market for this stable and mature product so far.

Creating Flash animations is a profession in itself. Every day, thousands of people spend hours in classes and workshops trying to learn the intricacies of Flash programming. Without proper training, you probably have to hire a well-paid Flash consultant to help you develop a web form or calculating web page in Flash for you. When requirements change, well – what was the name of that consultant again?

All that is history now. With the arrival of SpreadsheetConverter Flash, anyone with basic Excel skills can construct a prototype web form or calculator as a plain spreadsheet. We’re not talking simple add-subtract-multiply-type spreadsheets here, we’re talking interactive menus, single- and multi-choice options, smart table lookup, complex data validation, step-by-step wizards and all the graphical user interface widgets you could ask for.

SpreadsheetConverter Flash is a fully integrated member of the family already from the start. Just enter your spam-protected e-mail address to activate the free forms delivery service that’s built into all versions of SpreadsheetConverter. Once a web user completes filling out a Flash-based web form, the form is delivered to your e-mail Inbox.

For a small monthly fee, we’ll store all the forms on one of our servers until you come by to pick them all up at once. All this without training, without programming, without using your local IT resources, and best of all – entirely without consultants.

As an example, we took the popular body mass index (BMI) calculator we once created with Excel and converted it with SpreadsheetConverter Flash. Click on the image below to try this new example of how a fairly ordinary spreadsheet can become a pretty remarkable web page built almost entirely as a self-contained Flash file.


For many more examples of calculating web pages that SpreadsheetConverter Flash can publish on the web for you, including an Equated Monthly Installment calculator and a Beta Risk calculator, visit the Flash product page.

Published on June 4, 2010.


Have a look at our new useful examples!

SpreadsheetConverter can publish almost any Excel spreadsheet on the web. We have added several new useful spreadsheets to our Examples library, both simple and advanced. Have a look and tell us what you think.

Building small, easy-to-use calculators for the web can be very time-consuming – and require a costly web programmer. With SpreadsheetConverter, anyone can build a complex web calculator, at least if you know how to make a spreadsheet.

SpreadsheetConverter can create a web page that mimic the behavior of your spreadsheet. If you can make it work in Excel, SpreadsheetConverter will make it work on the web. It’s that simple!

As an example, we first built a body mass index (BMI) calculator with Excel, then converted it for the web with SpreadsheetConverter. Click on the image below to try this new example of how a fairly ordinary spreadsheet can become a pretty remarkable web page. And let’s hope your BMI is below 25, or you may have to live without doughnuts and french fries for a while!

For many more examples of what spreadsheets SpreadsheetConverter can publish on the web for you, including an Equated Monthly Installment calculator and a Beta Risk calculator, visit our Examples library.

Published on April 15, 2010.


First beta of SpreadsheetConverter Flash released

February 15, 2010: We’re proud to introduce our new SpreadsheetConverter Flash product. It converts an Excel spreadsheet to a single Adobe Flash file, perfect for integration with your own web site. Download the beta and see it in action!


Visit our showcase of customer achievements

We’ve been so impressed by what our customers accomplish with SpreadsheetConverter. To reward your creativity, we recently opened a showcase of customer achievements. Have a look at what people like yourself are doing with SpreadsheetConverter. You’ll certainly be impressed, but we hope you’ll also be inspired!


SpreadsheetConverter HTML version 5 is released

The first official version of SpreadsheetConverter HTML version 5 is now available for download in both Standard and Professional editions. The upgrade costs $50 per license and can be ordered now. For only $120 more, users of the Standard edition also get the additional features of the Professional edition.


Try the new Advanced Submit Service

We were always among the best when it came to supporting Excel forms. With the Advanced Submit Service, we send you not only the plain contents of a form, but the whole form exactly as it looked on the server when the visitor entered data into it. You can also have the Advanced Submit Service store submitted forms on our server until you download them all at once in the file format of your choice.


Version 5 is in beta test

September 14, 2009: SpreadsheetConverter version 5 adds many new user interface features like calendars, sliders and ratings. We have improved the charts considerably, not to mention the enhanced submit process with support for hidden and required fields, built-in spam protection and much more.


Upgrade to 4.4 if you use charts

Under certain conditions, charts converted by SpreadsheetConverter may stop working. An error message says “Can’t show chart without Flash Player 6 or later” also for users with later versions of the Flash player installed. The simplest solution is to upgrade to version 4.4 or higher and update your web pages.


Search the best Excel sites from our website

Getting too many hits when using the normal search engines? Try our specialized search engine, powered by Google. It will only search in high-quality Excel sites, giving you much better search results than anywhere else.


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March 15, 2009: We’ve made it even easier to see what’s new over here. If Twitter is one of your natural hang-outs, join us there.

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