Congratulations to your first conversion!

Congratulations, you have now converted your spreadsheet to a web page. If you’re in your free trial period, read on for more advice on how to make the best of it.

We provide several convenient ways to upload the converted web page on the web. If you use WordPress or any other popular content management system, we may even have a complete tutorial for you. To get the best results you probably need to adapt your spreadsheet slightly to the web environment. Read more below.

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Adapt your spreadsheet for the web

Before you convert a spreadsheet of your own, stop a second to consider its feasability for the web.

Publish your calculating web page

SpreadsheetConverter has several powerful built-in publishing tools.

  • We offer an easy-to-use Publish to Cloud feature that let’s you publish any web page converted by SpreadsheetConverter on our hosted server. If you convert for a Node.js server, you can instead use our QuickNode service to test the web page before you upload it to your own server.
  • If your website is powered by WordPress, consider our special plugin for WordPress that enables you to swiftly import every new web calculator into WordPress and publish it there.
  • If you use another content management system, check if it is in the list of web publishing tutorials below. If it isn’t, contact our Help Desk and we will consider adding a tutorial for your particular CMS.

If you need help

Read the online Help pages

Our online Help pages should cover most of the issues you may encounter.

Check the tutorials section

There may be a tutorial that is similar to your situation. Take a look at our Tutorials section.

Check the most frequently asked questions

If you have specific questions, it’s quite possible that they have been asked and answered already. Head over to the Frequently Asked Questions page and find your answers there.

Contact our Help Desk

If you still need help, don’t despair. Describe your problem using the Help Desk contact form and we’ll get back to you within a day.