Electronic forms converted with very old versions of SpreadsheetConverter contain a link to a web server that has moved. You need to update the link to our server in your web pages or convert your spreadsheets again with a recent version of our software.

The page you are trying to submit from was created by a very old version of our software. Our servers have moved, and you need to change the link in the generated web page.

All recent versions of the product generate correct links. The easiest way to have the form work again is to upgrade to the current version and convert the form again.

You can also edit the link manually:

  1. Download the web page from your web server (or convert it again).
  2. Open the .htm source in Notepad or any other text editor.
  3. Find action=”/mailer34/submit.aspx”>
  4. Replace with action=”http://www.spreadsheetserver.com/server1/g/submit/submit.aspx”>
  5. Save the .htm file.
  6. Upload the .htm file to your web server, replacing the old version.
  7. Test the form to verify that it works.