I would like to add a SpreadsheetConverter web page to my web. I use FrontPage.

If you have navigational bars on top or to the left in your web site, you cannot use ‘Insert-file’ into an existing web page. If you do FrontPage will create a non-working web page!
Instead you must use the following method to add the page:

  1. Select File-Import and press Add File. Select the file generated by SpreadsheetConverter.
  2. Open the newly inserted page. Note that it contains no navigational bars.
  3. Select Format-Theme and select the default theme.
  4. Select Format-Shared Borders and apply to the selected page.
  5. Select View-Navigation and using drag-and-drop move the inserted page to the location where you want it.
  6. Right-click on the page that you just moved and make sure that ’Included in Navigation bar’ is selected.

Now, your page should appear like the other pages in your web site and the navigation structure should include the new page.

My workbook contains links to other web page, for example elements.htm, after conversion, they do not work

SpreadsheetConverter always generates a folder where all the files for a specific spreadsheet is stored.

You have to edit the generated page. Depending on where you place the element.htm, replace elements.htm by ../elements.htm

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