I want to limit input to a range. Such as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Either create a dropdown list in Excel using Data-Validation-List, or put a formula like =IF(AND(A1>0;A1<11;A1=INT(A1)),””,”Enter value between 1 and 10″) in the cell next to the input cell. Format the text red, so that it will stand out.

How can I verify that the user doesn’t enter a value larger than 10?

Place a formula in the cell next to the input cell, font color=red, and let it be like =IF(A1>10,”Max 10 please”,””) or any other validation.

How can I verify that the user enters an integer?

Set the format of the cell to number with 0 decimals.

How can I make calculated default values?

In Excel you can have a formula and then let the user overwrite it, but that is not supported by SpreadsheetConverter, since formulas can never be changed.

Workaround: You can implement calculated default values using 4 cells like this


B2: <formula for calculating default>

B3: 0

B4: =IF(B1,B2,B3)

If the checkbox is unset, the users defined value will be used, otherwise the calculated.

Test here: simple default value

and spreadsheet here: simple-default-value.xls

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