I need to publish the web page on our corporate web page, is this difficult?

Since the web page generated by SpreadsheetConverter is totally self-contained this is easy to do. Precisely how you achieve this will depend on how your web site is set up.

If you work for a large company, you are probably using some kind of content management system (CMS). Such systems have a way of importing a finished HTML-documents. You can treat the page generated by SpreadsheetConverter just as any HTML-page. Then the CMS will handle adding the banners etc…

If the web site isn’t managed by a CMS, then whoever is responsible for the web site is probably using some kind of web authoring tool, such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage. These tools will add the company banners etc to the web page more or less automatically. Talk to them, and tell them to take the initial part of the generated web page (the part from the first <style> to </head> and copy it into the head of the template, and the part between <body> and </body> and copy it into the body of the template. For more information, see the SpreadsheetConverter manual.

How do I publish an SpreadsheetConverter web page?

You publish it to your ordinary web server where you have your other web pages. You use the same technique as you do for your other web pages, typically ftp, Frontpage extensions or webfolders.

Does the ISP who is hosting my site have to publish the calculator on to the webserver?

No, it is a plain web page.

Is the web page generated by SpreadsheetConverter purely on-line/local, no hidden links to any server or whatever on the background?

The HTML-version works on any webserver. You can also save the web page to your local hard-disk, and the calculations still works.

I don’t have the ability to run programs on the server. It is owned by someone else.

You can use SpreadsheetConverter for HTML. It is just a plain web page, and it doesn’t get smart until it is shown in a browser.

How do I upload the web page to my webserver?

If your webserver supports webdav and similar you can open it using http://user:password@www.domain-name.com and the drag the file from your local computer into the newly opened window. IE will copy your file to the webserver.

If you use ftp, instead open the link ftp://user:password@www.domain-name.com and then drop your file into the window.

If you are sitting behind a firewall and use ftp://, then you might have to change two settings of Internet Explorer:

Select Tools-Internet Options

Select Advanced tab

Select ‘Enable folder view for ftp sites’

Select ‘Use passive ftp’

If still unclear, let me know. You are not the only one having this problem.

Can SpreadsheetConverter be used to convert an Excel spreadsheet and place it in a blog, i.e. WordPress, Blogger or TypePad? Can your calculators and forms be used also with Content Management Systems like the Drupal or Joomla CMS?

Some content management systems can only import “dumb” objects like images, but not scripted objects like our calculators. We have documented the best procedure for each tool.

In most cases you can also upload the calculator to another web server and use it in your CMS or blog with an iframe or an iframe plug-in.

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