1. Can a theme created from Theme Designer be used with calculators converted with older versions of SpreadsheetConverter?

No, You need SpreadsheetConverter version 8 to use custom themes. Before you convert your old spreadsheets with version 8 you can create and apply a theme to them.

2. When I open the ThemeDesigner in the browser, I do not see the color pickers. What went wrong?

We have seen this happens sometimes with slow networks, just reload the page a couple of times until all color pickers are displayed.

3. What flavors and editions can use themes?

Themes are currently available with the HTML, ASP.NET and Node.js flavors, both with the Standard and Professional edition.

The Mobile flavor will support themes in a future version.

4. How do I know what theme I have currently applied to a spreadsheet?

Open the spreadsheet and go to the SpreadsheetConverter TaskPan.  Select the Workbook tab. Click on Apply Theme. Just above the list, you see the name of currently applied theme. The same name is also highlighted inside the list.


5. I created a custom theme in ThemeDesigner, applied it to one of my spreadsheets and it looks great. But when I sent the spreadsheet to a colleague and she converted the same spreadsheet on her computer, the default theme was used for the webpage instead of my custom theme. Why?

Theme files are not embedded in spreadsheets, just the name of the theme file. As you can see from the error message below, the converter couldn’t find the theme file in your colleague’s computer and used the default theme instead. Send the theme file to your colleague and ask her to import it into her SpreadsheetConverter environment before she converts again.



6. Are there any limits on how many themes I can create, or how many spreadsheets I can use them with?

No, you can create as many themes as you like and apply them to any number of spreadsheets you have.

7. Can I upload a them back into Theme Designer to refine it further?

No, there is no upload option yet. We are planning to add this feature in upcoming release.

8. Can I delete existing themes?

No, you can’t do that within the Theme Import Tool yet. We are planning to add this feature in an upcoming release.

Theme files are stored in the %appdata% > Local > ssc > customfiles folder and you can delete them there.

9. I downloaded an updated version of my marshal theme. When I imported it into SpreadsheetConverter it seems to have been renamed to marshal1, which is also the theme that was set for my spreadsheet. The old marshal theme was not replaced.

The current version of the Theme Import Tool does not allow that you re-use a friendly name. Instead, it quietly adds a suffix like “1”, “2” etc to the friendly name for the new version of the theme. To avoid this, manually delete the old version of the theme before you import it again, using the instructions for item 8 above.

10. What if I want to do further customization?

Our custom theme solution uses the most popular front-end framework, Bootstrap. Any designer familiar with Bootstrap can easily do further customization for you.