Can I save the web form as an Excel workbook?

No, there is no direct saving functionality in the converted web form.

However, all of the fields in the form are contained within a standard HTML form. You can submit the form with a POST to a web server and store all the field values in a file on the web server.

If you do not want to build this solution yourself, SpreadsheetConverter has built-in submit support.

How can I receive incoming electronic forms?

You can use our free or advanced service.

If your web server supports Perl, is an alternative. See

If you use a Windows server, look at formmail.asp

or if you prefer ASP.NET

If you use PHP, here are some

For Java, see

and “Java Servlets Developer’s Guide” published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media Group

I requested a receiver code but I did not get an e-mail with the codes.

If you entered the e-mail address correctly – you can try a second time – then most likely your e-mail provider has decided that the e-mail with the receiver code was spam and has deleted it.

You have to try another e-mail address.

How do I create a web form so that the form contents are sent to me in an e-mail?

Follow this tutorial on how to create your first online form.

Why do I get an email with fields with names lie p2C144?

If you name the cells in Excel, those names will be used instead of p2C144

Is there any way I can control the Name attribute of an input field?

Name the cells in Excel using the little box up to the left.

The name must start with a letter. The rest can be letter, digit and _.

These names will be used as id.

How can I collect the submitted data using Java?

SpreadsheetConverter generates a standard HTML-form.

You loop over the request parameters, either by looping over the parameters, or by using getParameter.

Use getParameter method to get form element values

For example, if you named cell A1 “firstname”, you can access the first name using the formula


Reading data using a servlet

and from the book “Java Servlets Developer’s Guide” published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media Group

Or directly inside a JSP-page. The advantage of using a JSP-page is that all you need is to copy the file to the server. Servlets may require changing a configuration file.


<%@page import="java.util.*" %>
	String username, password;
	if(request.getParameter("firstname") == null)
		username = "";
		username = request.getParameter("firstname");

The email with submitted data names the fields like p1A3, p1D3, p1E3

The email looks like this:

p1A3: 5 p1D3: 9,50 p1E3: 47,50

If you name the individual cells in Excel, these names will be used as names. Note that they must start with a letter, and only contain letters, digits and “_”.

Also note that the Advanced Service sends you a snapshot of the whole form as it looked to the user.

How can I download all submitted data into Excel or a database?

If you use our Advanced Service, our server will store all submits and you can download them as a Excel table.

Login to

with user=demo, password=demo

Select the timeframe All to the right and view the results online. To save the results as an Excel spreadsheet in your own computer, press the Save as Excel button.

You can customize the column headers.

It costs $153/year or $15/month (October – 2008)

I want the form to be e-mailed to different persons depending on the value of a dropdown list.

When a form is submitted, an e-mail copy of the submitted form can be sent to the submitter, or to any other e-mail address. Just give a cell the reserved name “email” and have the user enter the e-mail address there.

Can the submit button be configured to send an auto response to the person submitting the form as well as to me?

If you named the cell in Excel where the user enters his e-mail address “email”, the form is sent also to this e-mail addess.

How do I change the From address for the e-mails with forms?

The From address for the e-mails containing form submissions cannot be changed. In most cases this would guarantee that the e-mail would be caught in spam filters. If you hit Reply, however, you will see that the Reply-to address for the e-mail sent to the owner of the form is the e-mail address from the “email” field, and vice versa.

How can I provide different default form values in each form, e.g. sequence numbers?

The value of any named cell in the form can be set from the form’s URL, e.g. “…/form.htm?sequence_number=42”.

How would you go about setting up different Forms with different e-mail addresses for Submit?

You specify the recipient’s address in the Workbook properties for each form, using the Configure Submit button.

I would like my spreadsheet web page to simply close when the user clicks on the Submit button.

The solution is to point the “success” url for the form to a window that closes itself. Create a page that only contains the JavasScript to close the window and place that on your server as close-window.htm . Then set the success url to /close-window.htm .


Where can I change the e-mail of the Advanced Service to where the forms are send to?

When we set up the Advanced Service account for you, you got one login + password. Create a new user for the second e-mail address whose submits you want to store, enter this e-mail address in the Configure Submit options, convert and publish.

I do not get the submits from the Free or Advanced Submit Service anymore, why?

Most likely, the e-mails are blocked by your spam filter. Note that you have at least two spam filters; one in your local e-mail program, and one in the e-mail server. Tell the guys who manage the e-mail server to make sure that e-mails from (with an extra dash) are not blocked.

If this doesn’t help, try using an e-mail address on another server.

To be 100% sure no submits are lost, you should use the Advanced Submit Service since all the submits are saved into our database. Thus, you can always retrieve them later. In order to make this work, the e-mail address you use must have an account in the Advanced Submit Service.

Yahoo Mail suggest that you set up a filter in Yahoo! Mail to ensure that they get your e-mail messages in their Inbox. Yahoo! Mail users may find more information regarding filters at this page:

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