I requested a receiver code but I did not get an email with the codes.

If you entered the email address correctly – you can try a second time – then most likely AOL has decided that the email with the receiver code is spam and has deleted it.

You have to try another email address.

What if I want a customer to receive a copy of what they submitted? How do I get the submitted data to come to me and them?

This will be part of the advanced service, not is not yet implemented (Oct-2008)

In order to prevent spammers to use your form to send spam to arbitrary email addresses, we have to make sure that there a human who submitted the form.

Before sending the copy to the submitter, he/she will have to enter a security code similar to the code at


Eudora on Macintosh doesn’t show the HTML-email from the advanced service.

You have to use another email program, for example Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Mail.

Suppose I survey 2000 students. I get 2000 e-mails. Do you have a macro or quick way to get the results back into a spreadsheet?

That functionality is part of our advanced service. The cost is $15/month.

advanced submit service

An alternative is to configure your own webserver, for example Frontpage extension can collect submitted data into a CSV-file, which easily is opened by Excel.

I have sent some HTML files to a few people. When they open them they are opening them in their email page. How can I make this stop happening?

Instead of attaching the HTML-files, attach the ZIP-file that SpreadsheetConverter generates. This will solve your problem and make the email much smaller. Then you have to tell the user to open the zip file, extract the files and click on the HTM-file.

How do I apply for the advance service?

Request a receiver code and check the advanced service. The receiver code for the free service and the advanced service is the same.

If you decide to continue to use it, and want to enable the full Advanced Service, contact sales@spreadsheetconverter.com

I want to create several forms that use your email submit service and I want to use different email addresses?

There are two solutions:

Request one common receiver code and create a filter in Outlook, Exchange or … that forwards the email to the correct email address by looking at the subject.

Request one receiver code each and make sure that the correct receiver code is entered in the ‘configure submit’ dialog when you generate the web page.

Why do I get an email with fields with names lie p2C144?

If you name the cells in Excel, those names will be used instead of p2C144

I want the submits go to another email address.

Request a new receiver code for the new email address and enter it into SpreadsheetConverter wizard.

Regenerate the web page and make sure “Free Service” or “Advanced Service is checked”.

Then, publish the updated web page.

I do not get the emails

If you haven’t requested a receiver code, you need to do that too and enter it into the wizard.

Regenerate the web page and make sure “Free Service” or “Advanced Service is checked”.

Publish the updated web page.

If you still do not get the emails, please check your spam filters. Normally, you have to spam filters, one local in your computer, and one in the email server.

If it still doesn’t work, you need to use another email address in a different domain.

How can I download all submitted data into Excel or a database?

If you use our Advanced Service, our server will store all submits and you can download them as a Excel table.

Login to


with user=demo, password=demo

Select the timeframe All to the right and view the results online. To save the results as an Excel spreadsheet in your own computer, press the Save as Excel button.

You can customize the column headers.

It costs $153/year or $15/month (October – 2008)

How would you go about setting up different Forms with different email addresses for Submit?

Example – Some forms would go top Bob is shipping, another to Sally in accounting and yet another to Harry in IT. Is there a way to change the email addresses locally?

You need to request one receiver code for each email address, and then have that receiver code entered in the wizard when you generate the form.

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