The web page is a little wider than the Excel page

The width of the tables created by SpreadsheetConverter are only approximate. Browsers will do some reformatting when it shows the page.

In Excel one of my spreadsheets fits onto A4 height, but when I convert with either HTML or ASP, the converted sheet is longer than A4. This is a problem because I want users to be able to print out one of the sheets.

Unless you set layout=fixed, the rows will be higher on the web page than in Excel.

However layout=fixed will make the web pages look cramped, it is better to let the web pages become higher.

When I print, the cell colors are missing.

It is a web browser issue. Some browser print the background color, some don’t. For some versions, it is a setting that enables background color printing.

The reason for this is to reduce the amount of ink spent when printing.

Is there any code I can add to force the print button to print this page in landscape mode?

No, there is no way for a webpage to make it print in landscape mode.

In the future, there might be, at least this is a suggestion in future HTML-standards (CSS3), but current browser up to IE7 do not support it.

When printed, the web page is printed in half size.

The problem is that you have white invisible colums to the right, and this together with “shrink-to-fit” when printing, gives this result.


Open the worksheet, press Ctrl-End and see in which colunm you end up.

Assuming you end up in column Z, but you only want the user to see column A to H, select column H to Z and hide these.

Background colors and images don’t print in IE 8

When you select the option to print background colors and images in IE 8, in Tools | Internet Options | Advanced tab, you might find that the background colors and images still don’t print when you send the page to your printer, because the setting isn’t adjusted in the Page Setup options. There is a workaround that you can use to ensure that the setting is correct. You’ll find it in KB article 974128 at s

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