I don’t have Excel, can I use another spreadsheet like Microsoft Works or Gnumeric?

No, only Microsoft Excel 97, Microsoft Excel 2000 and Microsoft Excel XP on Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 and Excel 2007 are supported for creating the web pages. The web pages generated by SpreadsheetConverter can of course be used on many more platforms.

If you use Excel 97 and/or Windows 98 or ME, you need to use SpreadsheetConverter version 2.

Is Microsoft Excel on Macintosh supported?

We currently do not support Macintosh Excel for creating web pages, but of course Mac users can use the resulting web pages.

We regularly test on Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox for Mac.

When I try to publish my calclulators to Yahoo! SiteBuilder it rejects the file.

It seems that Yahoo Sitebuilder doesn’t allow arbitrary HTML-files.

Workaround: publish the SpreadsheetConverter generated web page to another site and link to it from Yahoo! SiteBuilder.

Eudora on Macintosh doesn’t show the HTML-email from the advanced service.

You have to use another email program, for example Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Mail.

I want to convert my spreadsheet to HTML and then somehow copy and paste to the PowerPoint. I would like to use some of my models in the PowerPoint presentation

Just insert-web page will not work.

I found this on the internet:



Does your software work with the Lotus format?

SpreadsheetConverter needs MS Excel. You will have to open the Lotus documents using Excel and convert then convert them.

I am looking for a program like yours except one that compiles spreadsheets into an application. Years ago there was a product called Visual Baler that compiled Lotus 123 spreadsheet into an exe file. The company has since gone bankrupt after attempting to create a windows version. Do you plan to do something like this is in the future?

We are looking into that. Since web-based and standard applications more and more being built with similar technology. We will probably be able to help you in the future.

A simple solution is to use an HTML to EXE converter, for example there are SpreadsheetConverter customers using http://www.htmlexe.com/ for the .exe conversion.

Can I convert the HTML pages to a executable?

Yes, use an HTML to EXE converter.

There are SpreadsheetConverter customers using http://www.htmlexe.com/ for the .exe conversion which also works very well.

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