Can I get a full version of SpreadsheetConverter?

You can download a free evaluation version of SpreadsheetConverter to try it out. This is a size-limited demo that you can use to evaluate all of SpreadsheetConverter’s features and performance.

If you need to test a full spreadsheet, you can send us the spreadsheet and we will convert it for you. We can also send you a trial key that removes the size restrictions of the free trial.

What support does SpreadsheetConverter come with?

SpreadsheetConverter comes with 6 month of free e-mail support from our tech support.

What can Java/JSP or ASP & ASP.NET handle that the HTML version can’t? I may want to upgrade.

They essentially do the same as the HTML-version, but do the calculation on the server instead of in the client. The most common reasons to use the ASP or JSP-solutions are:

1. I want to keep my formulas totally secret. The server versions does all the calculation on the server.

2. The recalculation is too slow. The server is faster than JavaScript in the browser

3. I am a developer of ASP or JSP-pages, and I use SpreadsheetConverter to create the initial pages. I then add database-connectivity etc…

4. I am a Java-developer and have created a normal Java-program, and I need to do some calculations in that program, for example mortgage calculations.

You can upgrade your SpreadsheetConverter for HTML license to either SpreadsheetConverter for ASP and ASP.NET or SpreadsheetConverter for Java/JSP. Contact sales for more information about upgrade options.

There is the standard 30 days full refund on the upgrade. Just send me an email, and you will get your money back.

If you want both versions, please contact sales.

If I want SpreadsheetConverter for Java and SpreadsheetConverter for HTML, do I have to pay two separate licenses?

SpreadsheetConverter for HTML is part of SpreadsheetConverter for Java. If you select “Pure HTML” in the Java-version, it is actually SpreadsheetConverter for HTML you are running.

Is there an US-based reseller?

We let REGNOW handle our ordering:

RegNow/Digital River 9625 West 76th Street Eden Prairie, MN 55344 United States of America

Purchase using this link:,9059-2,9059-3

For small orders, we only support credit cards and Paypal.

Order over $500 can also be billed directly from us and paid using bank transfer (IBAN).

If you want the 30 day full refund, you need to use a credit card or PayPal.

I do not want to order using a credit card.

There are other payment options, however both REGNOW and SWREG charge extra for these. Also, the 30 day money back guarantee only applies if you use a credit card.

If I need to rebuild my developing station, how can I recover a license to reinstall your product ?

If you lost your license code, contact us and we will resend the license code.

Could you tell me the difference between: SpreadsheetConverter to HTML, SpreadsheetConverter to Java/JSP, and SpreadsheetConverter for ASP and ASP.NET

The HTML version is included in the other versions. Unless you know how to program Java or ASP, you should only buy the Java or ASP versions if you need to keep your formulas totally secure. An experienced programmer can reconstruct your formulas if you use the HTML-version.

I recommend that you start with the HTML-version. You can later upgrade and only pay the difference.

I just ordered SpreadsheetConverter. When should I expect to receive the program?

The only thing you get is the license key. You download the program from


install it, and enter the license key in the first page of the wizard.

You should have got the license key with the confirmation email. Please contact sales if you haven’t gotten the key within a few hours.

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