When bought, are there no more licence-fee or whatever to pay?


If I understand it correctly, I buy 1 licence, so I can use it ONLY for 1 website?

If you have a Standard edition license, you may publish converted web pages on any number of web servers within your own organization.

To publish converted web pages on external sites, you need a license for the Professional edition.

Must I report to you on which site it is used?

No, not yet.

I would like to understand how you licence for servers with ASP and Java (cost; installation…)?

We charge a small one-time license fee for each computer you install the program in. There are no extra fees per server, page or visitor.

After reading the information on your website, I concluded that no run-time license is needed. Would you please confirm this fact?

True. You do not need a run-time license for any current version.

Things like this might change in later versions but we will not change it for the current versions. For example, we are thinking of having two version of the product, one to be used on a single site, and one for web developers who can publish the web pages on many sites.

Can I install the software on more than one computer?

If you are the only user of the two computers, you can request permission to install our software on both by sending an e-mail to sales@spreadsheetconverter.com.

If I use your software for my customers web site, what is the least amount of acknowledgement, notification, logos, etc. that I have to provide regarding your company in order to comply with the EULA and license agreement?

The only thing you need to keep is the Copyright statement in the HTML-source. This will never been seen by your customers unless they do view source in the web browser.

Also, if you want to redistribute it, you will need to upgrade to the Pro edition once it is released.

You are allowed to delete the logo.

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