I use a localized Excel for language XYZ, does SpreadsheetConverter support it?

In Germany and many other European countries, a comma is used to signify a decimal point. SpreadsheetConverter formats numbers in your spreadsheet in exactly the same way as your own version of Excel.

SpreadsheetConverter should be able to support most localized versions of Excel. In the Excel for Belarus, People’s Republic of China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tatarstan, Uzbekistan, the local formatting will not be recognized. US formatting of dates and numbers will be used instead.

Is there a way to select the “charset” to none instead of charset=UTF-8.

There is no simple solution, however this should work:

Let SpreadsheetConverter generate an UTF-8 file and then convert it into a suitable encoding.

One such tool is iconv, which is free.

Download iconv.exe and execute

iconv.exe -t windows-1252 -f utf-8 old.htm > new.htm

and then change

the row

<meta content=”text/html;charset=utf-8″ http-equiv=”Content-Type”>


<meta content=”text/html;charset=windows-1252″ http-equiv=”Content-Type”>

How to download and install iconv:

Download the file called






and install them into the same directory, for example c:iconv

In the bin dir of the installation, i.e. c:iconvbin you find iconv.exe (and some dlls it needs).

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