I have installation problems!

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The first time I start SpreadsheetConverter from the start-menu, it asks if I should enable the macros?

Yes. If you do not enable it, SpreadsheetConverter will not work.

Why do I get “A document with the name ‘xlew1.xla is already open. You cannot …” when I start SpreadsheetConverter from the start menu?

You only need to start SpreadsheetConverter from the start menu in the following two circumstances:

– The first time you run SpreadsheetConverter after installing it.

– After selecting ‘Disable auto-start’ from the SpreadsheetConverter menu in Excel.

SpreadsheetConverter is an Excel Add-in, and is automatically started each time Excel is started. You get the error “Excel file already opened” message because SpreadsheetConverter is already started and you are trying to start a second copy of the program.

I installed the program, but there is no SpreadsheetConverter-menu in Excel

Most likely, Excel has disabled SpreadsheetConverter. Excel does that when Excel crashes during start-up.

If you use Excel 2007:

Click on the round football top left corner in Excel.

At the bottom you find “Excel Options”.

Select Add-ins.

At the bottom you can select “Disabled Items”. Select GO and enable them.

See this screenshot


If you use Excel 2003:

In Excel 2000-2003, select Tools-Customize. Then, select the tab called “Commands”

Under Tools, there are additional commands like Tools-Addins and Tools-COM addins. Drag these entries to the Excel tool menu.

Then, select COM-addins from the Excel Tools menu and make sure SpreadsheetConverter is selected.

Here is a movie descring how: http://screencast.com/t/Kr09dbZQNgUn

You can read more about disabled addins and Office here


If you are using v 3.5 or earlier, click on the ‘Browse’ button and select xlew1.xla from the directory where you installed SpreadsheetConverter.

Macros in this workbook are disabled because of the security level is high, …

Part of SpreadsheetConverter is written as an Excel macro. The first time you use SpreadsheetConverter, i.e, when you select ‘Start SpreadsheetConverter’, the security level cannot be high. Temporarily change the security level to medium, select ‘Start SpreadsheetConverter’ (or ‘Install SpreadsheetConverter into Excel’), and then change the security level back to high.

The security level is changed from the ‘Tools’ menu under ‘Macro-Security’.

Please note that the change is only required the first time you run SpreadsheetConverter, after that every time you start Excel, SpreadsheetConverter will start automatically, even if your security level is high.

I have both more than one Excel installed on one computer. Is it possible to register for both versions and if so how?

Yes, it is possible if you use different versions of SpreadsheetConverter, for example v3 and v4.

I upgrade from version 2 to version 3. What is the preferred method for removing the older version as it still shows up on my menu bar?

Exit Excel and uninstall it using Add/Remove program in the Control panel.

SpreadsheetConverter worked fine but now the SpreadsheetConverter menu does not appear when I open my Excel.

If the menu disappears, you do not have to install SpreadsheetConverter again. Selecting ‘Install SpreadsheetConverter into Excel’ should be enough.

If you are using Excel 2007, click on the round football top left corner in Excel.

At the bottom you find “Excel Options”.

Select Add-ins.

At the bottom you can select “Disabled Items”. Select GO and enable them.

If you are not using Excel 2007 go to Tools-Add-ins and see if you have something called ‘XLEW’ or ‘SpreadsheetConverter Add-in’. If so, set the checkbox alongside and click on OK.

If SpreadsheetConverter is not present in the list (Tools-Add-ins…), click on the ‘Browse’ button and select xlew1.xla from the directory where you installed SpreadsheetConverter.

I get “This workbook has lost its VBA project, ActiveX and any other programmability-related features” during installation

You have an Excel-installation without VBA. VBA is needed by SpreadsheetConverter.

Load the Excel or Office-CD and select VBA under Shared Components.

Do you have any installation instructions for running on a Tomcat server.

If you install Tomcat using the default paths, and set the paths as shown in the wizard – you have to move the cursor over the label so see the whole path – it works.

You can test your Tomcat installation by opening up


Please try the examples included by tomcat and make sure that these works.

I get installer verification failed during installation?

You have downloaded a corrupt installer program. Please delete the file and download again.

The SpreadsheetConverter menu button disappears after restarting

Start Excel, Select Tools-Addins and select XLEW or SpreadsheetConverter.

Apache Tomcat 5.5 and later complains about compilation errors when regenerating the web page

The JVM running the tomcat server has already loaded the servlet’s .class file and initialised the servlet object. It won’t reload the .class file or restart the servlet automatically. One solution is to stop and then restart tomcat, so it will use the new .class file.

Another solution is to use the manager application (see below) to issue a reload command for your web application. This will force tomcat to reload the new .class files without having to shutdown tomcat. For example: If your web application is called myapp and located in webapp/myapp, then using the following URL will use the manager to reload the application:

http://localhost:8080/manager/reload?path=/myapp (Your server name and application name will be different.)

For more information, see

http://www.velocityreviews.com/forums/t140821-recompile-jsp- with-java-classes.html

Can I install the software on more than one computer?

If you are the only user of the two computers, you can request permission to install our software on both by sending an e-mail to sales@spreadsheetconverter.com.

How do I update my installation?

Download the last version from our website and install it.


Where is the CD I ordered?

Please contact orders@regnow.com regarding the CD.

You can always download the program from our website:


The download is only 9MB.

Dot.Net 2.0 not installed

Please, copy the following path and open it using the Windows Explorer


and check if you have any files there.

(%SYSTEMROOT% is a system variable depending which Windows you use)

This is .Net 2.0 installer

http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=085 6eacb-4362-4b0d-8edd-aab15c5e04f5&displaylang=en

or search on google for “.net 2.0 installer”

Also, make sure you have the necessary service packs for .Net 2.0 installed. Have you enabled WIndows Update?

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