How do I make formula cells editable (if the user wants to overwrite the value calculated by formula)?

Currently formulas cannot be overwritten.

Workaround: Have 2 fields + checkbox. If the checkbox is set use the calculated value, if it is unset, you the override value.

I create input fields using the drawing toolbar. They do not work.

Input cells are created by using one or more cells in the sheet. You cannot use the drawing toolbar.

I cannot enter free text into a cell. Is there a trick? List boxes seem to be working, but I’m trying to do something as basic as having the user type in a company name.

You have to set the background color of all input cells to yellow and then select input cells using color.

You can also let SpreadsheetConverter make all unlocked cells input cells.

I would like to use an excel sheet for making bookings. How do I let the excel sheet know I want to input text into the sheet.

The logic is that if you use the value for a mathematical operation, it will be a number. If you do not refer to it or refer to is as a text (e.g. =if(a1=””,”Enter a value”,””), it will a text-field.

If you use ‘Automatic detection’, only cells referred to will be input fields.

If Automatic detection doesn’t work, you have to use coloring. Set the background colors of all cells you want the user to edit to an arbitrary unique color. Then, select coloring and select the color. (If you do not want your input cells to have this color in the finished spreadsheet, there is an option for that.)

How can I clear all input cells and reset them to their default value?

During generate, select to include a reset button. When pressed, all values will be reset.

I want a numeric input field.

If you want to force a cells to only allow numeric input, you have to make sure it is only used by numerical functions.

My spreadsheet contains no formulas and the generated form doesn’t contain any fields I can edit.

You need to help SpreadsheetConverter identify all the cells you want the user to edit in your spreadsheet.

The automatic detection only works if there are formulas.

Either add formulas, or if you want a form only, color all the input cells orange, and select orange in the wizard.

How can I make calculated default values?

In Excel you can have a formula and then let the user overwrite it, but that is not supported by SpreadsheetConverter, since formulas can never be changed.

Workaround: You can implement calculated default values using 4 cells like this


B2: <formula for calculting default>

B3: 0

B4: =IF(B1,B2,B3)

If the checkbox is unset, the users defined value will be used, otherwise the calculated value.

Test here:

and spreadsheet here:

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