How do I create a web form that uses a FrontPage server extensions enabled web server?

When you create a form to be used by a web server that supports FrontPage Server Extensions (for example Microsoft IIS or Apache), follow these steps:

  1. Create the Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Name the input and output cells in Excel (This step is not mandatory, but makes the result easier to understand).
  3. Create the web page using SpreadsheetConverter.
  4. Start FrontPage.
  5. Load the web page created in step 3 into FrontPage.
  6. Put the cursor somewhere in the form near the input fields, right-click, and select ‘Form properties’.
  7. The minimum you must do is to select ‘Send to’ and enter the email address.
  8. Save the web page.
  9. Publish the web page onto your web server.

How can I secure my SpreadsheetConverter calculator?

Place it on an HTTPS:-site and password protect it. How to password protect depends on which type of webserver you are using.

How make users login before using my calculator?

If you are using SpreadsheetConverter/ExcelEverywhere to HTML and want your users to login before they can use the calculator, the solution is to use the authentification of the web server to handle this. Both Internet Information Server (IIS) and Apache handles this.

If you use IIS, you can create normal Windows users and deny guest access to your web server.

If you use Apache, here is an article describing it: Protect Web sites with Apache Server’s HTTP authentication system. Alternatively, you can program the authentification yourself. Secure your Web pages with custom authentication Or, you can use ASP.NET’s form authentification. A simple solution is to store name + password in web.config. ASP.NET Form Authenticiation tutorial The SpreadsheetServer also handles logins.

Configure IIS for ASP.NET

For Windows XP, see

For Windows Vista, see rver/Installing-IIS7/Install-IIS7-on-Vista

How do I publish my ASP.NET pages to my host?

Here are a number of good tutorials:

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