Does SpreadsheetConverter support references to other workbooks?

SpreadsheetConverter supports references between worksheets within a workbook, but not off-book references.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support arrays?

Yes, array syntax such as {3;4;5} is supported.

Does SpreadsheetConverter allow me to change cell formulas at runtime?

No, SpreadsheetConverter protects formulas from change.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support named cells?

Yes. It is recommended that you name the cells in Excel if you use submit. The names in Excel will be used to name the fields in the submitted form.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support Pivot Tables?


Does your product convert Excel files with multiple (linked) sheets inside? — also including formulas, etc?

It converts the whole workbook including all worksheets and links between worksheets.

I get warning “…restricted this file from showing active content…”?

If you use Windows XP SP2 you might get a warning “…restricted this file from showing active content…” The warning only appears during testing and not when the web page is published to a web server.

Please upgrade to version 3.1.9 or later.

I noticed the one that calculates the distance between two cities. Yet, the database information was not shown on the resulting web page.

You can decide what to show to the user. The rest is hidden in JavaScript.

I would like to use an excel sheet for making bookings. How do I let the excel sheet know I want to input text into the sheet.

The logic is that if you use the value for a mathematical operation, it will be a number. If you do not refer to it or refer to is as a text (e.g. =if(a1=””,”Enter a value”,””), it will a text-field.

If you use ‘Automatic detection’, only cells referred to will be input fields.

If Automatic detection doesn’t work, you have to use coloring. Set the background colors of all cells you want the user to edit to an arbitrary unique color. Then, select coloring and select the color. (If you do not want your input cells to have this color in the finished spreadsheet, there is an option for that.)

Does the web page generated by SpreadsheetConverter for HTML work offline.

Yes, you can also save the web page to your local harddisk, and the calculations still works.

Can the client access these converted calculators without the need to be on-line?

Yes, the web page is self-contained and can be run from the harddisk or the CD.

My workbook contains links to other web page, for example elememts.htm, after conversion, they do not work

SpreadsheetConverter always generates a folder where all the files for a specific spreadsheet is stored.

You have to edit the generated page. Depending on where you place the element.htm, replace elements.htm by ../elements.htm

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