What is the difference between SpreadsheetConverter and Excel’s “save as HTML”?

Excel’s own “save as HTML” exists in two versions, either you choose to create a non-interactive web page, and then Excel creates a static formatted table with all the values you see in Excel. The values cannot be changed.

If you instead select to save your spreadsheet as an interactive page, you will be able to change the contents of the cells, and the values will be recalculated. Microsoft does this by using a large ActiveX-component (2MB in size), which your users are only allowed to use if they own MS Office.

SpreadsheetConverter creates an interactive web page using JavaScript to do the calculations. The advantages of using web pages produced by SpreadsheetConverter are that they can be run on any browser, on any OS, and without any licenses.

Can I save the web page as an Excel workbook?

No, there is no direct saving functionality in the resulting web page.

However, since all of the fields are contained within a HTML-form, you can submit the form to a web server and store all of the field values in a file on the web server.

If you do not want to build this solution yourself, SpreadsheetConverter for HTML has built-in submit support, called the Advanced Service.

Another alternative is to use a web server enabled with the FrontPage server extensions, all fields will be stored into a tab-separated file on the server.

Does SpreadsheetConverter read .XLS files?

No, SpreadsheetConverter reads your Excel formulas and data and compiles them into a stand-alone program.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support macros, VBA, or custom functions?

SpreadsheetConverter does not support macros and VBA. Custom functions are supported. Please contact support@spreadsheetconverter.com for more information.

If have a formula like =IF(B6=”TRUE”, “110”, “100”) but B6 isn’t a checkbox on the web page.

Change the formula

=IF(B6=”TRUE”, “110”, “100”)


=IF(B6=TRUE, 110, 100)

The text “TRUE” is not the same as TRUE and the “110” is not the same as 110, you need to remove the quotes.

Excel handles this better than SpreadsheetConverter, but sometimes even Excel will get unexcected behavior.

I am interested in your product but need to know what your product does better than Excel’s own “save as web page” built-in utility.

Save as web page in Excel can be done in two different ways: 1. static page 2. interactive page

When you save as static page, only the current contents of the cells are used, and you cannot change any values and by that trigger any recalculations.

When you save as interactive page, the resulting web page will use an ActiveX-component that will handle the recalculations. The page looks exactly as in Excel, and all people who wants to view the page needs to install the ActiveX-component from either their Office-CDs or from Microsofts website (the component is about 2 MB big). You are only allowed to use the ActiveX-component if you have an Office-license.

However, most SpreadsheetConverter customers do not buy our software in order to create static pages. The use it to create interactive pages. Typical examples of interactive pages are different kinds of calculators, for example engineering, tuition fees, return-of-investment calculations, or for creating order pages with builtin summation and postage fees. SpreadsheetConverter makes it possible to publish spreadsheets on the internet so that anyone can use them as long as they have access to a browser, no extra add-ins are needed.

It is also easy to improve the layout of the resulting web page using tools like MS Frontpage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. It is very easy to mix the calculator with other graphical components like pictures and similar.

I want to paste a bunch of data into the several fields, can SpreadsheetConverter do this?


Only single cells can be pasted in. More is not supported by the browsers.

Does SpreadsheetConverter allow the deployment of custom Toolbars (*.xlb files) and Add-In Applications (*.xla files)?


Once you generated the web page using SpreadsheetConverter, neither you or your visitors needs Excel.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support DDE funtionality?


How do I create something like If A1=1, 5; If A2=1.5, 6; If A3=2, 7; If A4=2.5, 8; If A5=3, 9?

You nest the ifs like this:

=if(a1=1, 5, if(a2=1.5, 6, if(a3=2.7, 7, if(a4=2.5, 8, if(a5=3, 9, 0)))))

How do I reduce the size of an Excel spreadsheet?

This tip is taken from the new book F1 Get the Most out of Excel! (See http://www.exceltip.com/pl-f1_index )

By reducing the size, the conversion will go faster and the web page might be smaller.

To reduce the workbook size:

1. Press Ctrl+End to find the last cell in the used area within the worksheet. In the screenshot, the last cell is E17.

2. Find the last cell containing data in the worksheet. In the screenshot, the last cell containing data is cell C11.

3. Delete all the rows between the cells containing data to the row of the last cell in the used area. In the screenshot, the rows to delete are 12:17.

4. Delete all columns to the right of the column of the last cell containing data, up to the column of the last cell in the used area. In the screenshot, the columns to delete are D:E

5. To quickly delete the rows, select the first row to delete (row 12 in the screenshot), press Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow, To quickly delete the columns, select the first column to delete (column D in the screenshot), and press Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow, press Shift+F10 and from shortcut menu click Delete.

6. Repeat the steps above for each worksheet in the entire workbook. Press Ctrl+S to save the file.

Is there a way to just display certain cells and hide those you do not want to see?

There are two solutions:

1. Move the cells to another worksheet.

2. Hide the row or column containing the cells you want to hide.

Can users edit the spreadsheet in real time?

No, formulas are always protected.

Does the user have to have Excel on their pc?


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