Instead of having my web form submit button send me an email, is it possible to store each submit in a database or file on my website?

Yes, you can use Frontpage extension for that.

You have to add a submit-button and have some kind of webserver to receive the submit.

Tutorial: Create an online survey using Excel and Frontpage

The advanced service will let you store the data into a database on our server. The data can be retrieved as HTML and Excel-reports.

Can SpreadsheetConverter let me upload an Excel file through a web form – extract the records, and write them to a SQL server DB?


I have a calculator linked to a huge database that is updated daily. Does the database also have to be uploaded? How can I best maintain the spreadsheet?

SpreadsheetConverter for HTML cannot handle database connections. The only solution is to regenerate the spreadsheet web page each day. However, that doesn’t seem to be a very good solution.

Is there a way to send the results from submit to a PHP MySQL table?

SpreadsheetConverter generates a standard web form. When the user presses submit, the data is posted to a web page of your choice.

You will have to create a simple PHP-page that parse the parameters and creates an sql-insert statement and runs it towards your database.

This type of code is very simple and part of standard PHP-books.

For example see

and how to store into a mySQL database, see here

At the last link, they have combined the HTML-form and the PHP-file into one file. This is not necessary. First have the HTML-page and only make sure the action points at your PHP-page that extracts the data and stores it into a database.

I noticed the one that calculates the distance between two cities. Yet, the database information was not shown on the resulting web page.

You can decide what to show to the user. The rest is hidden in JavaScript.

I need to convert an Excel spreadsheet and allow users to update it over the web.

SpreadsheetConverter can only calculate and collect data, not show previously saved data. It seems to me that you need some kind of online database. We have created such a solution:

The turn-key solution called SpreadsheetServer will let you view, edit and save spreadsheets using any browser. You can share a spreadsheet online and the users do not need Excel at all. All data will be stored in a relational database. The data can be filtered, consolidated and accessed through reports and as Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheets or single worksheets can be protected by password.

It is intended for applications like custom-made time-reporting, expense reporting, task lists, calendars schedules etc.

You can

We are not selling SpreadsheetServer at this time but a new version will be released for sale in 2009.

Is there an option to connect the JSP version to a database, maybe integrate through some custom code written in Java ?

You get the full source of the JSP-page and the JavaBeans. It is easy to add your specific code to the JSP-apge to save/read that data into a database or similar.

How can I save all submits into a CSV, comma separated file?

Use Frontpage extension. You will get a file on your webserver, where each set of answer is a row in the CSV-file.

Can the JavaBeans be saved into an Oracle database?

Yes, but you will have to supply the plumbing to the database yourself, either 1. You just serialize the JavaBeans 2. Or you map each individual input cell to a database column.

Tip: Name the cells in Excel, and those names will be used in the JavaBean.

I want PHP to save the resulting order configuration to MySQL using PHP.

SpreadsheetConverter creates a standard webform, you can either convert it into an php-file or just set the action of the post to php-script that takes all the parameters and saves them into a database.

If you name the input cells and calculated cells in Excel, then these names will be used in the web form.

How can I store the form values in a database?

You want to store the values from your ASP.NET form into a database and repopopulate the form when the user returns back.

Connecting an ASP.NET form created with SpreadsheetConverter to a database is very easy if you know some programming and Visual Studio.

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