I would like to be able to select values from a dropdown-list (select)

Lists created using Data-Validation-List in Excel will automatically be presented as dropdown-lists.

I would like to be able to have a checkbox

All input cells that contain TRUE/FALSE (or any localized version of it like WAHR in Germany), will automatically be presented as checkboxes.

I want to limit input to a range. Such as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Either create a dropdown list in Excel using Data-Validation-List, or put a formula like =IF(AND(A1>0;A1<11;A1=INT(A1)),””,”Enter value between 1 and 10″) in the cell next to the input cell. Format the text red, so that it will stand out.

If have a formula like =IF(B6=”TRUE”, “110”, “100”) but B6 isn’t a checkbox on the web page.

Change the formula

=IF(B6=”TRUE”, “110”, “100”)


=IF(B6=TRUE, 110, 100)

The text “TRUE” is not the same as TRUE and the “110” is not the same as 110, you need to remove the quotes.

Excel handles this better than SpreadsheetConverter, but sometimes even Excel will get unexcected behavior.

I have tried to create a page with checkboxes by entering true or false….doesn’t do anything….says’ no input’….now what?

If the cells isn’t referenced by a formula, automatic detection will not work. You will have to make the background color yellow and select input cells using coloring.

The downloaded form shows the checked radio button as a number and not by name.

Microsoft implemented floating controls that way. Convert the number into a value using the function INDEX.

For example the formula


will convert the B6 number 1,2,3 into the text “one”,”two”,”three”

How do I create a checkbox?

The easiest way to get a check box is to put TRUE or FALSE into a cell A1 and check its value using =IF(A1, … , … ).

How do I create a combobox, also called pull-down menu?

If you create a combo box in Excel using Data-Validation-List or View-Toolbar-Forms, there will be a combobox on the web page.

For example see


SpreadsheetConverter doesn’t supported dropdown-lists created using embedded constrols.

How do I create a combobox with Data-Validation-List?

Steps to produce a dropdown list in Excel.

1. Put the values of the dropdown list into a set of cells, for example ‘Yes’ in H1 and ‘No’ in H2

2. Go to the cells where you want the dropdown list.

3. Select ‘Validation’ from the ‘Data’ menu

4. Select Allow=List

5. Set the Source to H1:H2

6. Press ok

Convert the page.

Long text will not wrap

Both input and calculated cells can wrap in version 4. You have to let the input cell go over several rows and merge the rows. (Just making the row high doesn’t help).

You need to set “Wrap text” in the Format dialog for the cell.

How do I create a multi-line input textbox?

Merge several rows and make it an input cells.

Also, you need to set “Wrap text” in the Format dialog for the cell.

Does SpreadsheetConverter support spinner controls?


How does the taborder work?

SpreadsheetConverter sets tabindex for each input cell, from left to right and from top to bottom. When at the last input cells IE will wrap around to the first input cell, and Netscape/Mozilla will wrap around to the first output cell.

Why doesn’t Enter go to the next field?

Enter and HTML is a sad chapter, since someone early on defined that pressing Enter means submitting the form.

A text saying that ‘Press tab or Update to update all calculations’ always helps some users.

I have a dropdown list with 10%,20%… but SpreadsheetConverter shows 0.1, 0.2…?

SpreadsheetConverter cannot handle % in dropdown lists.

You have to place 100 times the percent value into the dropdown list, divide it by 100 when you read it, and the %-sign the cell to the ceft or right of the dropdown list.

I have a dropdown list with dates but SpreadsheetConverter shows 37000,37001,… ?

SpreadsheetConverter cannot handle dates in dropdown lists.

Instead use DATE to build a date. See


What is your recommendation for TIME data entry — e.g. time in and time out?

Use 24 hour clock, or if 12 hour clock is very important, use 2 fields one for 0-11 and a dropdown list for AM/PM and use TIME().

Or you can use TIME to build time values, for an example see


To output date, use date formats, for example ‘hh:mm’

There is also a problem with date formatting. In excel I asigned a date format 31-12-2009 and after conversion the asp-file shows 31/12/2009. Why?

We use the same format for dates as in regional settings. However, there might be issues. In the worst case, you may have to change your input method like this:


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