Does SpreadsheetConverter support charts?

SpreadsheetConverter for HTML supports 2D-charts: bar, column, pie and scatter.

SpreadsheetConverter for Java/JSP and ASP&ASP.NET only supports charts for pure HTML pages.

I have a chart but when I hide the table, the chart disappears.

It seems that Excel automatically hides the chart if the underlying table is hidden. Solution: move the table to another worksheet.

I have a chart but all I get is a black rectangle.

You have to copy the swf-file to the same location as the web page? If you forget that, you get a black rectangle.

I upgraded to Flash player 8/9 and now I cannot test the charts.

Flash 8 and 9 have some extra security checks which will prevent testing from the local files system.

Do not be alarmed, this problem only occurs during testing and will not affect your customers and other users of the published web page. You do not need to change previously generated web pages.

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I got the graphs to work properly w/ my chart when i test it – but when I post it to my website the chart is blank again.

You need to copy the whole folder created by SpreadsheetConverter to the web server, including the file with extension .swf

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