How do I pre-populate input fields with data retrieved from a database?

There are several solution. For example, you can send them over an URL with the syntax will set the field call bar to 56. You name cells in Excel.

This assumes that you are pre-filling an input cell. Here is a better solution that can be used to set any value.

If you know ASP, the simplest solution is to take the HTML page, make it into a ASP-page over replace statements like

p1A1 = 1234


p1A1 = <%= reference to variable which contains the value for cell A1 on sheet 1 %>

where 1234 is the default value that you set in Excel and which you want to read from the database instead.

This solution also works for PHP.

If you want to set constants, see Initialize values on server


I don’t seem to be able to view the ASP files once saved.

In order to view them, you need a local installation of Microsofts web server Internet Information Server (IIS). IIS is not included in Windows XP Home and has to be installed separately in NT4 and Windows 2000.

Here you can read how to install IIS on Windows XP

Here you can read how to install IIS on Vista



Does the ASP-pages work on Sun Java System ASP 4.0

We haven’t tested on Sun Java System ASP, so we cannot guarantee that it will work.

You can read more about Sun Java System Active Server Pages 4.0 here:

Where does the calculation take place?

The HTML-version calculates on the user’s PC, the ASP and JSP version calculates on the server.

Thus, the user get the results instantly in the HTML-version.


How to I set a constant used by the calculator programmatically?

If you have created a calculator, and there are some constants you want to set, for example the current rate, then read the following:

How to initialize values on the server

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