Can your product be “command line” driven? Is there an API that will allow it to be called from another program?

No. Not right know. If you need this, please contact support.

Why are output fields form parameters?

So that you can retrieve them on the server.

Can I change the label names on the HTML form without corrupting the calculating formula?

You cannot change the id or name directly on the web page. They are used in the calculation part. But there is a solution:

If you name the cells in Excel using Insert-Name-Define, and these names start with a letter, and only contains letters, digits and _, then these names will be used in the form.

Reference card for JavaScript

Look at

from Visibone, which has a lot of nice printed reference cards.


Where can I change the e-mail of the Advanced Submit Service to where the forms are sent to?

The e-mail address represents an account in our server. You need one account for each e-mail address you want to use. So your first step is to buy a license for the account representing the new e-mail address.

Then you have to establish this new account as the recipient of the submitted forms. You do this in the submit configuration, for each form separately.

Then, you need to convert the source spreadsheet for each form and update the web server with the new version of each web page. Now, submitted forms start arriving at the new account.



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