Charts will not work if the user is using a non-Microsoft browser like Firefox or Safari and has upgraded to Adobe Flash 10.

The problem with Flash 10 is caused by an incorrect check of the Flash version number (our fault) in versions before 4.4.

Solution 1: Upgrade to 4.4

Upgrade to 4.4 and regenerate the web pages and everything will work.

Solution 2: Edit the generated web page using our tool

No one uses Flash 5 or earlier anymore, so we can disable the check, the charts work for Flash 6 or later.

Download this free program to update your pages.

The program requires .NET Framework 2.0.

The procedure is:

1. Download the .htm file to your local computer

2. Patch the file

3. Upload the patched file.

Solution 3: Edit the generated web page manually

If you cannot download the program, all you need is a texteditor like Notepad.

Open the source of the web page and search for

plugin = parseInt(plugin.description.substring(plugin.description.indexOf(".")-1))>= 6;

and replace it by

plugin = true;